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Stowe fellowships awarded to Ph.D. candidates from Scotland, Poland, England

Three Ph.D. candidates from abroad were recently awarded fellowships supported by the David M. Stowe Fund for Mission Research to study at the Divinity Library and attend the annual meeting of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and Non-Western Christianity, held July 2-4.

Group photoThe 2009 Stowe Fellows are Daniel Ahn, a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for the Study of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh; Joanna Baradziej, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Gdansk in Poland; and Emily Manktelow, who is doing her doctoral work at King’s College, University of London. 

The Yale-Edinburgh meeting and conference is hosted in alternate years by the University of Edinburgh and Yale Divinity School.  This year’s session was held at YDS around the theme “Missions, Law, and Custom.”

Ahn’s research focuses on the “Term Controversy” in the translation of the Bible into Chinese and Korean. Baradziej is studying female missionaries in Manchuria from the United Free Church of Scotland, the Lutheran Church of Denmark, and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Manktelow’s doctoral work centers on missionary families and the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895. 

The three Stowe fellows were able to take advantage of Yale Divinity Library’s world-renowned collections documenting the history of the missionary movement and world Christianity, which include manuscript and archival collections, as well as books and periodicals that are available in very few repositories.

The David M. Stowe Fund for Mission Research was established as a memorial to Stowe, who served as executive vice-president of the United Church of Christ’s Board for World Mission from 1970-1991.


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