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Martha Dewey ’81 M.A.R., a former adjunct faculty member in the Religion & the Arts Program of Yale Divinity School and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, died June 26 in an automobile accident in Dryden, NY, where she made her home. Dewey had been a member of ISM’s advisory board, “The Friends of the Institute.”  Click here to read a remembrance by Professor Peter Hawkins.


Friends and relatives of Robin Siegel Theurkauf ’80 UGrd, ’01 Ph.D., ’08 M.Div. packed Marquand Chapel on July 17 for a memorial service in her honor.  Theurkauf died in Greenwich (CT) Hospital on July 10 at the age of 51 after a valiant struggle with cancer.  She was an ardent opponent of the death penalty, although her first husband was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  In a sermon delivered at the service, Professor Thomas Troeger said, “Robin came about as close as any of us might hope to come to living out the pattern of Christ’s self emptying love for others. Robin was a star shining in the world in the same way that the Philippians were stars shining in the world for the apostle Paul.”  Click here to read the obituary.

"They're going to be able to speak to a variety of people about a variety of issues.  They're not going to be lambs to the slaughter or ideologues. They're pragmatic people who understand how to get things done but also bring a vision for something more than just how things have been done."  Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Emilie Townes, July 23, 2009, Religion News Service, commenting on the nominations of Francis Collins and Regina Benjamin as, respectively, head of the National Institutes of Health and U.S. surgeon general.


"We found a department store with a TV in the window.  Walter Cronkite's report was being dubbed in German... It was quite a moment, being a part of the world community that now included the moon.”  Larry Reimer ’69 B.D., July 20, 2009, Gainesville (FL) Sun, in the article “40 years after Apollo 11: Residents share memories,” describing being in Munich at the time of the lunar landing and translating "one small step for mankind" into German for the non-English speaking crowd on the street.


"If you meet together in an ecumenical service and you get on your knees and you pray to the Holy Spirit, you can't get up from your knees and say, 'I still think you're stupid.' You can't. The spirit works within you to find the spirit of Christ in blending these gaps."  Will Mackintosh ’49 M.Div., July 18, 2009, in The Times-Picayune (LA), recalling his work in the ecumenical and interfaith arenas, in the article “Retired Presbyterian minister works toward reunified, reconciled church”


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