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BDS students and recent grads attend Preaching Excellence Program (PEP)

Four Berkeley Divinity School representatives attended the May 31-June 5 Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) on the campus of Villanova University, where the keynote speaker was Thomas Troeger, the J. Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication.

Group PhotoAmong the 60 Episcopal seminarians and recent seminary graduates in attendance were Kim Litsey ’09 M.Div., Janet C. Tereskiewicz ’09 M.Div., Stephanie Johnson ’10 M.Div., and Ryan Fleenor ’10 M.Div.

The theme of this year's PEP conference, sponsored by the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, was "Preaching the Beatitudes."  Sculptures by the Rev. Charles McCollough brought the beatitudes to lively, artful expression. In worship, fellowship, and preaching groups—at which each participant shared two sermons during the
week for comment and critique—the theme, and the homiletical task more
broadly, were explored in depth.

The Episcopal Preaching Foundation exists to promote and support preaching in the Episcopal Church. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation sponsors the annual PEP conference. In addition, the Foundation offers seminars for clergy in the field and promotes excellent preaching in parish churches by seeking and publishing a volume of exceptional sermons each year. More information about the Foundation is available on the web at www.tepf.net.


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