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Alex Hadjilogiou  ’09 M.A.R.
B.S.  University of Florida 1999
J.D.  University of Florida 2007

HadjilogiouIt was a privilege and a gift to spend two years at Yale Divinity School (YDS).  YDS is fully in tune with the cardinal characteristic of today’s world – its interdependence.   In and out of the classroom, YDS provides students the rare opportunity to explore religion’s increasing public impact.  In the midst of these vigorous academic pursuits, it is inevitable that students grapple with issues of the soul.  Indeed, this combination of intellectual and spiritual development is something very special.

Throughout my life, the Greek Orthodox Church has been a source of hope and strength.  Being Greek Orthodox, I have spent the past two years as an “Eastern” Christian in a predominantly “Western” setting.  It was an honor to learn from students of all religious and denominational backgrounds.  I was able to integrate my faith, my upbringing, and my tradition into the broader faith discussion.  As a result, I have a deeper appreciation of what Orthodoxy really is.

A person’s sense of identity is surely formed by personal history.  My history includes four years of service as an intelligence officer in the United States Army.  I deployed twice in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  The opportunity to serve as a platoon leader, executive officer, and then acting company commander honed my leadership skills in immeasurable ways.   After the army, I went on to law school at the University of Florida.  At UF Law, I focused on the intersection of law, policy, and national security.  I also served in a variety of elected positions, including Chancellor of the Honor Court and president of the Military Law Students Association.

My experience at YDS builds on this history by giving me a better understanding of how religion shapes everyday lives across the spectrum of belief.   Moreover, the YDS environment – faculty, students, and staff – has a way of bringing out the best in people.  That’s what I’ll miss most of all.

In the future, I plan on continuing my commitment to public service.  I intend to work with the US Department of Defense on issues of force protection and international religious freedom.  Thank you YDS!!

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