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Greta Getlein ’09 M.Div.
B.S. Southern Connecticut State University 1986

GetleinWhen I was asked if I would like to write a few words for the website as a new graduate of YDS/BDS, I immediately said “yes” knowing that I wanted everyone to know how special YDS has been for me and so many others.  But now that it’s time to write, I find myself at a loss to put into words what is really better captured in images. 

As an Episcopal seminarian, I was able to take full advantage of life as both a Berkeley student and a Yale student.  It is, as the dean of Berkeley would say, the best of both worlds. 

Down at the Berkeley Center on St. Ronan Street, in St. Luke’s Chapel, tired bodies and anxious souls gather each morning at 7:30 for Morning Prayer and Holy Communion.  The Daily Office, said for centuries by the faithful, picked up in this space and offered to God: our daily bread.  Then at 10:30 every day, those same bodies and souls are gathered with the faithful from all denominations to praise God in prayer, dance, and song in Marquand Chapel: our differences forgotten for a time, our love of God, Jesus Christ, and one another the greatest thing we have in common and the only thing that matters.

In the classroom we struggle with daily challenges to our faith and our deeply held “truths.”  Professors push, we push back; they teach, we learn; they encourage us to explore, we open our minds to new things; and we are changed. 

Our task here at the Divinity School is to be open, to allow ourselves to be challenged and surprised, to love God fiercely, but not blindly, and to walk together on sacred ground. 

After graduation and ordination, I will be working at Christ Church in New Haven as a curate.

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