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400 More Donors Needed by June 30: Give and Win Big
by Lisa Levy

The Yale Divinity School Office of Alumni Relations and the Student Book Supply have teamed up to boost donations to the Annual Fund by offering a tantalizing incentive to a lucky donor.

Carmen and MicahThe giveaway, a book package that would make any divinity graduate salivate, was the brainchild of roommates Carmen Germino ’07 M.Div., the Director of Alumni Relations, and Micah Luce ’07 M.A.R., ’08 S.T.M., the Manager of the Student Book Supply. With less than a month to go in the fiscal year, the Annual Fund is $50,000 short of its $410,000 goal. “With the current fiscal crisis, we’ve tried to be more creative about ways to increase donor participation,” Germino explained. The book package, valued at $145, is comprised of some of Luce’s favorite titles and runs the gamut of subjects, from Religion and the Arts, Preaching, and Bible, Theology to Social Ethics. Germino and Luce said they would very much like to win the package themselves.

“It’ll be fun for the winner to receive the gift of the books,” Luce said, “but hopefully it also serves as a reminder for all the alums who give that the real gift is being able to provide support for students in both the near and distant future.” All donations to the Annual Fund go to need-based financial aid.

Both Luce and Germino cite their deep love for YDS, its mission, and its students as a motivation for their commitment to raise scholarship funds. As a student, Germino valued YDS’s unique balance of faith and intellect. “I never felt that I needed to check my faith at the door of the classroom,” she said, “and I never felt that I needed to check my brain at the door of the chapel when I went into worship.” Luce spoke of the strong support system of faculty, administration, and students. “During my time at YDS, I saw my relationship with God go through some crisis, and my faith hit a lot of bumps,” Luce said, “and God somehow saw me through it. I love the fact that I have a chance to give back to people who might be having some of the same struggles.”

A donation of any dollar amount before June 30, 2009 enters the donor in the drawing. Those who gave before the incentive was announced are also eligible to win. At this point in the year, Germino said, “The strategy is to encourage gifts of any size. We hope to keep our donors close and loyal throughout this tough economic time, so that when times are less lean, they’ll still be with us.” Another incentive, the 25 for 25 Challenge, also emphasizes participation. If the Annual Fund reaches 2,500 donors, alumni members of the YDS advisory board will donate an additional $25,000. To date 2,107 donors have given. “We need more, but we’re making our way there, and we hope the book package will help,” Germino said.

Give today!
To encourage giving, the Student Book Supply will hold a special drawing for all YDS alumni who donate to the 2008-2009 Annual Fund.  If you make your gift this month, you’ll definitely win the satisfaction of knowing your contribution will support the future leaders of the church and world.  But you could also win the following set of recently published books by YDS faculty of the past and present, valued at $145:

King and Messiah as Son of God by Adela and John Collins

Undiscovered Country by Peter Hawkins

A Time to Speak: How Black Pastors Can Respond to the HIV Pandemic by Marvin McMickle

Just Hospitality by Letty Russell

Old Testament Prophets for Today by Carolyn Sharp

Teaching Preaching as a Christian Practice by Nora Tubbs Tisdale and Thomas Long

William Sloane Coffin: An American Prophet DVD

Want to support YDS students and possibly grow your theological library in one easy step?  Here’s how:

Online: yale.edu/divinity/give

Phone: 1-800-395-7646
Mail: Yale Divinity School Annual Fund
P.O. Box 1890
New Haven, CT 06508-1890



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