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Dean Harold W. Attridge was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree by Southern Methodist University during May 16 commencement exercises at the Dallas-based school.  That followed a symposium held in honor of Attridge a day earlier, entitled “The Bible in American Life,” hosted by SMU’s Perkins School of Theology, one of five university-related schools of theology of The United Methodist Church.


“I do not currently trust that the hierarchy of the church is acting with integrity toward the people of God. I struggle to believe that the hierarchy’s intentions are centered in the desire to be a beacon of the healing, reconciling, challenging love of God.”  Jamie Manson ’02 M.Div., National Catholic Reporter, May 7, 2009, in the column “Why I still call myself a Catholic.”


Dan Morris ’07 M.A.R. is on a coast-to-coast bicycle trip with three friends in support of Project Rwanda.  Jackson Hole News & Guide, May 13, 2009, in the article “Going coast to coast: Former Jackson residents set to bike cross country to help Project Rwanda.”


“He really tried to put his faith into action and he wanted all of us to do that too.  That was one of the inspiring things about him. He was right there with an example.”  Julia Williams, a friend, talking about Duncan Hunter ’42 B.D., May 15, 2009, Tuscaloosa(AL) News, in an article about Hunter’s death on May 13 at the age of 91.


“This cast of prosperity preachers lives quite lavishly: Their ministries each rake in between $30 million to $90 million per year in tithes and offerings, they fly on church-owned private jets, they live in homes worth millions of dollars, drive late-model Bentleys and Mercedes-Benzes, and work out of extravagant buildings that they have built.”  Andre C. Willis, assistant professor in philosophy of religion, writing in theroot.com, May 18, 2009, in the article “Pulpit Pimps?”


"John's well-recognized accomplishments, his strong relationships throughout the religious community, and his wisdom will further CTS' efforts to provide a vibrant model for the rigorous education of religious leadership as we work toward greater justice and mercy.  I look forward to working with John to meet the emerging challenges of theological education for our rapidly changing world."   Chicago Theological Seminary President Alice Hunt, May 19, 2009, United Church News, announcing the appointment of John Thomas ’75 M.Div. as Senior Advisor to the President and Visiting Professor in Church Ministries.


“We have changed the culture of the city so both mediation and dialogue are becoming not alternatives, but the norm. I’d like to see that continue,” Charlie Pilllsbury ’90 Div., April 27, 2009, New Haven(CT) Independent, in the article “Mediator Moves On," about Pillsbury’s plans to retire as executive director or Community Mediation, Inc. in New Haven after heading the agency for 20 years.


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