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Career Counseling Office promotes networking opportunities

By Susan Olson
Director of Career Counseling

It is hard to escape news of the current economic crisis. For recent graduates and current seniors, reports of rising unemployment rates are a particular cause for concern.  It is hard to imagine a worse market in which to launch a job search.  But the Office of Career Counseling is dedicated to assisting current students and alumni in finding work, aided by alumni who are willing to provide information about career options and job opportunities.

First, the Office of Career Counseling distributes known position vacancies to students and graduates who have expressed an interest in receiving this information.  We are primarily dependent on our alums for information about vacancies.  If your agency, church, business, or institution is seeking professional staff of any kind, we would be very grateful if you would forward that information to us.  There is an online form at http://www.yale.edu/divinity/career/form_career_ads.shtml, or one may mail the information to divinity.careers@yale.edu.  If you are seeking work and would like to receive these listings yourself, please sign up at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=yyViGJepIKnQD9q6F_2bL3SQ_3d_3d.

Second, many of our students have made good use of the university-wide Alumni Career Network. This free network allows graduates and current students access to thousands of alumni and alumnae willing to share their career expertise with their peers and mentor current undergraduate and graduate/professional students.  Those seeking a career change or promotion can gain useful insights and tips from other Elis already in the desired fields.  Our students have used the network to contact specific alums but have also used it as simple research to get an indication of the breadth of work undertaken by our graduates, and to learn about the types of preparation that makes this work possible.  Even alumni who are not individually contacted for advice are very helpful, students report, in simply making their information available for this kind of research.  The Divinity School is dedicated to increasing its presence in the career network, and alumni of every occupation (including graduate students) are encouraged to register. The start page may be found linked to the Alumni Association page (www.aya.yale.edu) or directly at:


Finally, alumni job seekers are also welcome to use our portfolio, or dossier, service. This service is outsourced to Interfolio, a Washington, DC based company that provides secure user-friendly portfolio services to hundreds of colleges and universities.  Graduates may have transcripts and confidential references sent to one’s file and may upload resumes, writings samples, certificates and cover letters. These packets are sent, on YDS letterhead, to potential employers or programs. There is a small fee for each mailing. Divinity School alumni may waive the first year’s membership fee by contacting divinity.careers@yale.edu for a password.

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