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"We feel safer. We're not thinking about our life being threatened anymore.  There are these cycles of blood and vengeance and the power of Christ can stop that."  Andrew McMillan ’80 M.Div., Oct. 4, 2008, Charleston (WV) Gazette, in the article “Man on a mission:  City native has brought the Word to Colombians for 21 years.”


"Trying to figure it all out was exhausting.  But the force compelling me in this direction was obviously originating from outside of me." Mary Hendricks ’06 M.Div., Oct. 3, 2008, McCook (NE) Daily Gazette, in the article “New priest makes history,” about Hendricks’s decision to become a priest and her installation as the first woman priest in the history of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.


"The Pauline truth, as once described by Krister Stendahl, that 'love is measured by its ability to handle maximum diversity,'“ Herman “Holly” Hollerith ’81 M.Div., Sept. 28, 2008, Episcopal Life Online, when asked to describe the aspects of ministry he is passionate about, in an article about his election as bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia.


I think there've been a lot of changes in race relations. You know, when I was growing up, there were lynchings that took place very often. There's still people killed across racial lines, black on white, white on black, I understand that. But there's not the hatred that there was.  Will Campbell ’52 B.D., May 17, 2008, Mobile (AL) Press-Register, in the article “A Talk with the ‘Bootleg’ Preacher.”


“The main reason (I decided to pursue the ministry) was you think of what your gifts and abilities are as a person and the needs of the world and how you can best serve God.  A life that I could spend being immersed in studying the scriptures and spending time helping people to plan the life of the church and visiting the sick and encouraging people that are hurting--that was something that I could do.”  Peter Jonas ’86 M.Div., Sept. 25, 2008, Arcadia (WI) News-Leader, in the article “Christ Lutheran installs new pastor.”


"Most programs for continuing education say 'Come to our seminary and we will teach you.' This program says, 'Here's the world. Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn?'"  Robert Hurst '75 M.Div., Sept. 12, 2008, Huntsville (AL) Times, in the article "Program helps leaders revitalize their ministering."


"I used to curse my stutter, but now I’m thankful for it.  It definitely makes me unique (as a preacher), but it’s also one of the things that always helps me to remember I need God.”  Gordon McClellan ’97 M.Div., Sept. 6, 20008, Corvallis (OR) Gazette Times, in the article “Church gets fresh start: New pastor likes First Presbyterian’s History, desire to keep growing."


Lamar (Texas) University planned to honor long-time mathematics professor Richard L. Price ’72 M.A.R. at Sept. 9 ceremonies at which a 250-seat auditorium at the John Gray Center was to be named “The Dr. Richard L. Price Auditorium.”  Sept. 3, 2008, News from Lamar University.


"The division of responsibilities between University Chaplain and pastor [of the University Church] recognizes the facts of religious life at Yale in the 21st century.  The new structure should facilitate dialogue and mutual understanding among the different faiths represented in this community."  Dean Harold Attridge, Sept. 3, 2008, Yale Daily News, in the article "Protestant roots a focus for chaplain," about the appointment of Ian Oliver as chaplain for Protestant life at Yale University.


On Oct. 26, Stephen Butler Murray '98 M.Div. will be installed as the 29th senior pastor at historic First Baptist Church of Boston. For the past six years, Murray has served as college chaplain, director of religious and spiritual life, and lecturer in religion at Skidmore College in Saratoga Spring, NY.

Ken Beldon ’94 M.A.R., lead minister of WellSprings, a new Unitarian Universalist congregation outside Philadelphia, has edited a book with Skinner House Books: Wrestling with Adulthood.  The book brings together the stories of eleven men about becoming adults, revealing the challenges they face and the choices they made.

Monuments:  America’s History in Art and Memory (Random House 2007) by Judith Dupré ’11 M.Div. was called “vivid and entertaining, informative and thought-provoking,” in a review by Theodore Prescott in American Arts Quarterly.

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