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Notes from the Quad

Mary Ellen O’Driscoll ’02 M.Div. leads the proposed slate of officers for the 2008-09 YDS Alumnal Board.  If confirmed at the board’s annual meeting on Oct. 14, O’Driscoll would succeed George Noonan ’79 M.Div. as president.  Joining her as officers would be Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div. as vice president/president elect and Ken Kuntz ’59 B.D. as secretary.  In addition, five other alumni are scheduled to be elected as new members of the board.

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The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale on Oct. 5 unveiled a next-generation digital online text collection of the works of Jonathan Edwards, the 18th century preacher and thinker often identified as America’s premier theologian.  The Works of Jonathan Edwards Online for the past three years has offered an expertly guided research experience in the papers of Edwards.  The new online version offers more bibliographic search and text object fields, refined search results as well the integration of a multimedia library of manuscript images and video recordings.  >Go to story

On Oct. 14, participants at the Annual Meeting of the Yale Divinity School Alumnal Board will be invited to vote on an update of the school¹s mission statement. The statement says the Board¹s tasks are "to connect, energize, and engage alumni in support of YDS and its mission; to nurture and sustain relationships among alumni and with the faculty, administration, and students of the School; and to recognize alumni for their achievement and contribution to society." >Go to statement

About 100 Yale Divinity School students gathered on campus in the RSV Room Friday night, Sept. 26. They were not there to study or hear a lecture but to watch the first in a series of televised presidential debates between Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama.  While religion was not a featured part of the first debate, students still found the religion and politics nexus an engaging topic for discussion as they lingered to talk after the debate ended.  >Go to story

Jeffrey Stout, professor of religion at Princeton University, will deliver the 2008 Bartlett Lecture at Yale Divinity School on the subject “It's a Boy:  How Militarism Has Corrupted the Republic.”  The lecture, to be held in Niebuhr Hall on Oct. 28 at 5:15 p.m., will define militarism and explain how it has deflected Americans from the project of achieving and maintaining a democratic republic.  It will focus on how the ends and means of militarism violate justice, corrupt the public's commitment to justice, and undermine practices of accountability in American political life.  >Go to story

Thomas H. Troeger, the J. Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication at Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School, has been appointed chaplain to the American Guild of Organists.  He is the author of more than a dozen books in the fields of preaching, poetry, hymnody and worship.  He is also a flutist and a poet whose work appears in the hymnals of most denominations, frequently set as choral anthems.  >Go to story

On Oct. 1, all three of the active bishops of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut visited Berkeley Divinity School at Yale to give presentations on their own personal experiences at last summer’s Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. 

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Tune in to the lectures from Convocation 2008 on your computer as the events happen.  

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Recent news about alumni, faculty and students

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With another successful Annual Fund campaign completed, Dean Harold Attridge formally kicked off the 2008-09 campaign with a September letter to alumni and friends, reminding readers that all donations to the Fund go toward student financial aid.  Working with the University, he reported, YDS continues to increase the amount of scholarship aid as a percentage of tuition, which currently stands at 86 percent, up from 70 percent last year.   With continued strong support for the Fund, Attridge said, YDS hopes ultimately to provide scholarships at a level of 100 percent of tuition.
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The Divinity Tomorrow capital campaign is featuring a "Gifts of a Lifetime" initiative focusing on life income gifts.  With these gifts, the donor transfers an asset and retains, or provides for another person or persons, an income for life.
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