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Jeffrey Stout of Princeton to deliver Bartlett Lecture on militarism

StoutJeffrey Stout, professor of religion at Princeton University, will deliver the 2008 Bartlett Lecture at Yale Divinity School on the subject “It's a Boy:  How Militarism Has Corrupted the Republic.”  The lecture will be held in Niebuhr Hall on Oct. 28 at 5:15 p.m., followed by a reception in the Sarah Smith Gallery.

The lecture will define militarism and explain how it has deflected Americans from the project of achieving and maintaining a democratic republic.  It will focus on how the ends and means of militarism violate justice, corrupt the public's commitment to justice, and undermine practices of accountability in American political life.
Stout came of age politically in the civil rights and anti-war movements.  As an undergraduate at Brown University, he chaired the Rhode Island Draft Information Center, founded the Nonviolence Workshop and the journal Issues, and led a student strike in response to the invasion of Cambodia in 1970.

After graduating from Brown in 1972, he did doctoral work in religion at Princeton University, in part under the guidance of Gene Outka, now the Dwight Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics at Yale.  He succeeded Outka on the Princeton faculty in 1975.

Stout's books include Ethics after Babel and Democracy and Tradition, both of which received the award for excellence from the American Academy of Religion.  He served as president of the AAR in 2007 and was succeeded in that office by Emilie Townes, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of African American Studies in Religion and Theology at Yale.   He was recently inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He is currently working on two books: a study of religion and film entitled A Light That Shines in the Darkness and a study of the role of religious groups in grassroots democracy entitled Blessed Are the Organized.

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