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"We have received unprecedented scrutiny that has taken its toll on our members, staff and our senior pastor…. Lately our sacred space has been seized upon and compromised. All of us are standing with Trinity during this challenging time."  Rev. Otis Moss ’95 M.Div., who became pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ following the retirement of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in the article “New pastor to head Obama's 8,000-member Chicago church,” from the Associated Press, Apr. 30, 2008.


"There is so much more going on in black churches than gospel music." Emile Townes, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of African American Religion and Theology and associate dean of academic affairs at YDS, in the article “Jeremiah Wright Goes to War,” in Time magazine, Apr. 28, 2008.


"We are extremely pleased to hear of the appointment of Sen. Jack Scott as the new chancellor of the California Community Colleges. He has had an illustrious career in higher education, and was an outstanding President at Pasadena City College." Paulette J. Perfumo, superintendent/president of Pasadena (CA) City College, May 21, 2008, Clarion Online, in the article “Local Lawmaker Selected to Run CCC System,” about the appointment of Jack Scott ’62 B.D. as chancellor of the California Community College System.


“It’s a very different culture.  There are mosques and the sounds of mosques all over Egypt. The general religiosity of the region surprised and awed me.” Harry Eberts ’51 B.D., Akron.com, May 29, 2008, in the article “Retired pastor to be honored for work in Egypt,” about the Akron (OH) Peace Council’s decision to honor Eberts with its annual peace prize in 2008.


“He's a spellbinder. He's just extremely convincing.”  Comment by a participant in a trader training group allegedly operated by Cauzae McCall, who attended YDS in 2000-03 but did not graduate.  According to the May 31, 2008 report “Accused of fraud through affinity” in the Charlotte (NC) Observer, McCall turned himself in to Union County authorities in April on felony charges related to an investment-fraud scheme alleged to have bilked $250,000 from a North Carolina church and its leaders.


"You learn so much more in her class because she's open to discussion, open to interpretation.  You feel like you want to be there. You feel like you're learning something that's actually going to make a difference in your life."  A student in a class taught by Julia Fogg ’96 M.Div. in the article “Teacher’s passion, religion enrich students,” June 5, 2008, in the Ventura County (CA) Star, about Fogg’s selection as professor of the year at California Lutheran University.


"She was a mentor to many, many women.  And she was very well known as a female leader in theological education." Lallene Rector, academic dean and vice president for academic affairs of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, commenting on the tenure of Rosemary Skinner Keller ’58 M.R.E. as the first female to hold that position.  Keller died June 5 at her home in Chicago.  Chicagotribune.com, June 9, 2008.


"As a chaplain, we say we provide three forms of support: to encourage the living, comfort the wounded and honor the dead. Each week I was on call presented opportunities for each kind of ministry."  John Weatherly ’81 M.Div., Episcopal Life, May 17, 2008, in the article “In harm’s way: Church seeks to support chaplains and those left behind during deployments,” about Weatherly’s duty as an Army Reserve chaplain in Iraq.


Jaime Lara, associate professor of Christian art and architecture and chair of the Program in Religion and the Arts at YDS and ISM, has published the book Christian Texts for Aztecs: Art and Liturgy in Colonial Mexico (University of Notre Dame Press). The book is a cultural history of the missionary work in 16th century Mexico, seen through the work of Catholic missionaries and the native Aztec population.


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