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Evan Baehr 08 M.A.R.
B.A. Princeton University 2005

GraduateWe at YDS know that religion is undergoing a radical transformation around the world.  From the Overseas Ministries Study Center to the plethora of courses and workshops on Islam, YDS provided me with countless opportunities to wrestle with the radical changes in Christian missions around the world, increasing religious pluralism, and the challenges and opportunities of Muslim-Christian dialogue. Whether we are considering America’s Evangelicals and secularists, China's dilemma over Tibet, or Islamic immigration into Europe, much of the world is facing conflicts over religious coexistence.

From Jim Wallis to Ralph Reed, the spectrum of religion and politics leaders who visited YDS through the Yale Forum on Faith and Politics was spectacular.  With no funding and a half dozen religion and politics junkies, we tried to bring new interest to the subject at
YDS.  In addition to providing us with time to rant about Mike Huckabee or Barack Obama, the weekly forums afforded us the opportunity to debate, laugh, and reflect on how faith ought to shape our politics.  Given the unprecedented explosion of religion and politics discussions in this campaign cycle, these efforts were rather timely.

Finally, Yale's Center for Faith and Culture truly helps its students live out the center's mission: "to promote the practice of faith in all spheres of life." In my time with the center, I thought deeply about ethics, markets, and the workplace.  As globalization stands poised and ready to change the lives of billions around the world, at no other time have we been more in need of thoughtful Christians to shape, guide, and mold this transformation.  Indeed, my time with mentors and students at the YCFC has honed and inspired the next step in my education and career: this fall I will begin an MBA at Harvard Business School.  Using the tools of management and organizational leadership, I hope to harness organizations, capital, and markets to promote human flourishing around the world.

The YDS community—its students, administrators, and faculty—gave me more than an education.  Deeply faithful and intellectual, YDS provided me a deep passion and firm grounding for a career in service of God's people in the world.  

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