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Kyong Jin Ahn ’08 M.A.R.
B.A. Korea Baptist Theological Seminary 1999
M.A. Ewha Women’s University 2002

GraduateMy dream is to be a bioethicist representing Korea. 

My family has lived in Christianity through three generations. Thus, Christianity naturally became my way of understanding the world and influenced my decision to major in theology as an undergraduate. From that time, I have put much emphasis on ethics and bioethics studies. Then, I entered the graduate school in Korea to fulfill my interest in Christian ethics. When I finished my M.A in Christian ethics in Korea, my husband got a chance to work in Canada as a post-doctoral fellow. To broaden my academic background and experience, I applied to enter YDS.

YDS is a nice community and good place to study, with marvelous faculty. In my opinion, for theological studies, we need not only strong faith, nourished with a variety of religious and spiritual experiences, but also abundant academic knowledge. YDS provides those two major elements at the same time. Through our daily chapel, I could join a strong faith community and encounter different faith traditions through creative liturgy and various ethnic worship styles. For academic training, I have been able to learn from the classes and many conferences. Most of all, I can now apply theory from Christian ethics and theology to practical issues. Also, by attending classes at other Yale professional schools, I encountered many different perspectives. With a sense of practical application, I believe I am well prepared to interpret Christian theory to society in an effective and persuasive way.

After graduation, I am returning to Korea to work with NGOs in the areas of bioethics and human rights.

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