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Notes from the Quad

The myriad problems associated with the volatile issue of immigration in the United States are not confined to what happens once foreign nationals arrive at U.S. borders.  In the context of an increasingly globalized world, immigration is intimately linked to the problems in home countries that often force people to flee in hopes of a better life in the U.S.  That was one of the major themes to emerge during a May 1-2 conference at Yale Divinity School entitled The Challenge of Immigration: Framing a New American Conversation. >Go to story

The final session of a May 1-2 immigration conference at Yale Divinity School offered an informative snapshot of how U.S. churches are coping with immigration issues, at both the congregational and denominational levels. The two-hour discussion, attended by about 40 people in Marquand Chapel, was infused with a sense of hope at how immigrants are invigorating and enlivening the church, as well as with feelings of frustration at sometimes-sluggish institutional responses. >Go to story

VolfMiroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, will co-teach a course on faith and globalization with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during Yale’s 2008-09 academic year, in a joint YDS/Yale School of Management collaboration. Volf is a prolific author, and one of his most widely read books, Exclusion and Embrace, was cited in a major speech on faith and globalization that Blair delivered April 3 at Westminster Cathedral. >Go to story

Before Judith Dupré enrolled at YDS, she was already well known as the author of three bestselling books about some of the world’s most outstanding edifices: Skyscrapers (1996), Bridges (1997) and Churches (2001).  Now she has published a fourth, Monuments: America’s History in Art and Memory,  Over time, Dupré says, she has become more and more interested in the social and ethical issues associated with architecture.

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In a quiet, almost hidden corner of southwest London overlooking the River Thames, people from the worlds of business, education, religion, media and public service gathered on March 11 at the Hurlingham Club for a dinner hosted by Yale Divinity School Dean Harold Attridge.  Some had long connections to Yale and the Divinity School. For others the crowd, with its mix of clerical collars and business suits, proved less familiar territory. >Go to story

Probably more than any other segment of YDS alumni, military chaplains as a group are engaging the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in direct, personal ways. Their experiences shed light on and parallel—in life and death terms—the struggles confronting their congregations as a whole over the war.  Read the lead story from the new Winter 2008 issue of Spectrum, YDS’s journal for alumni and friends. >Go to story (pdf)

The Yale Forum on Faith and Politics offered up several events to the YDS community in late April, including an address by sociologist Philip Gorski on the topic Obama, the African American Church, and Civil Religion and a screening of the faith/culture film Lord Save Us from Your Followers, followed by a Q&A with film director and writer Dan Merchant.

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Julie NewmanOn April 1, Yale Divinity School hosted a discussion on sustainability at YDS, in conjunction with Yale University’s 2008 Sustainability Summit. The conversation, moderated by Willis Jenkins, the Margaret A. Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics, hosted a broad spectrum of speakers connected to greening Yale University and how the YDS community has been involved. >Go to story

An ongoing series of ministry lunches took place in 2007-08 where YDS faculty meet with students to discuss how their academic pursuits impact their ministries.  At one such session in late March, homiletics professor Thomas Troeger described the ritual – a power walk and prayer, followed by a session with his beloved silver flute – he partakes of every morning that gives him the strength to carry out his ministry. >Go to story

YDS chosen to nominate students for James O. Duncan Scholarship

Yale Divinity School is eligible to nominate up to three Baptist students for the Triangle Community Foundation’s James O. Duncan Scholarship, based on a poll of deans at divinity schools and seminaries that identified YDS as one of the most “well respected, mainstream and progressive” divinity programs in the country. Recipients receive a scholarship that covers tuition, books and fees up to $20,000 for one year, renewable for as many as two additional years.  The Triangle Community Foundation, based in Durham, NC, notified YDS of its selection in April.

Alfred Tisdale, interim director of studies at BDS in 2007-08, has been named director of Anglican studies and formation, and lecturer in pastoral ministry, at Berkeley Divinity School.   A noted preacher, he is also certified as a spiritual director and has published articles on stewardship, church growth, and homiletics.  He has served a number of congregations in New Jersey and Virginia and has had working relationships with The General Theological Seminary and Princeton Theological Seminary. >Go to story

Recent news about alumni, faculty and students

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With one month remaining in the 2007-08 fiscal year, the 2008 Annual Fund goals are within reach. You can help us meet and even surpass our goals! To date, alumni have contributed $367,488 or 92 percent of the $400,000 goal. 350 additional donors are needed to meet the participation goal of 40%. All donations to the Annual Fund go directly to support YDS¹s most valuable resource—its students—in the form of scholarship aid.
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