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BDS Leadership Colloquium Brings Pastoral Leaders to Campus

The Berkeley Divinity School spring colloquium on "The Theory and Practice of Leadership" is bringing a series of successful pastoral leaders to campus this term. The visitors are interviewed in class about the evolution of their own vocation as a pastor, probing their understanding of the nature of leadership both in the congregation and wider community.

Gary Jones, rector of St. Stephen's Church, Richmond, spoke on March 25 of the importance of evolving new worship styles, telling the story of the Celtic service he has helped to develop. He also described his congregation's involvement in reconciliation efforts between Christians and Muslims.

A second speaker in the series was David Carson, a retired banker who has given strong leadership as a trustee to three seminaries (Hartford Seminary, General Theological Seminary, and BDS). An innovator in both the business and church worlds, Carson spoke of the "three Ls of leadership": Listen, Learn, and Lead.

On April 8, Heidi Neumark of Trinity Lutheran Church, New York, will be the colloquium guest. Author of Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx, she has been described as an excellent exemplar of what the Lilly Endowment’s Craig Dykstra has called "the pastoral imagination."

A final guest will be Diana Butler Bass, who will be presenting from her book Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith. Her work demonstrates the ways in which many mainstream churches are growing and flourishing through innovative spiritual and outreach ministries.

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