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"Allison Stokes has long experience in interfaith ministry that she will build upon in serving the needs of both long-standing and emerging religious groups, and in strengthening interfaith dialogue on campus. With her arrival, the College has the opportunity to become a more influential force promoting dialogue, tolerance, and peace in our community and beyond." Richard Feldman, Dean of the College at the University of Rochester, on the appointment of Allison Stokes '81 M.Div., '81 Ph.D. as director of the university's Interfaith Chapel and of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Nov.13, 2007, in a University of Rochester press release.



“We want Israel to have a security, peace, a democratic state in the Middle East on into the indefinite future. That's not at issue. What we're saying is precisely in part for the security of Israel and in part for the sake of justice, there has to be a negotiated two-state solution so that the Palestinians have hope for a fair state, for an economic future that's viable. And the vast majority of the evangelical world agrees with that .” Ron Sider '67 B.D., '69 Ph.D. , in the Nov. 30, 2007 broadcast of Bill Moyers Journal on the subject of evangelicals and Arab-Israeli peace efforts.



“She is a woman of strong faith in whose life the gifts of Christ are being used to benefit people of all backgrounds. We are proud of her impressive accomplishments, but most especially of her efforts to encourage black women to answer the call to ministry and theological education.” Roy Medley, general secretary for the American Baptist Churches USA, in a Nov. 29, 2007 statement congratulating Emilie Townes, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of African American Religion and Theology , on her election as president of the American Academy of Religion.



“Teaching is as high a calling and as much an intentional vocation as ordained ministry, and I see my role as pastor in the college community to be one that most essentially supports and complements the educational mission of the College, its students, faculty and other administrators.” Allison Read '97 M.A.R., '03 M.Div. , Nov. 2, 2007 in a Trinity (CT) College press release about her appointment as college chaplain.



If you take the historical long view, the shifts we are now witnessing in evangelicalism reflect a central strand in its ideological DNA, namely its populist impulse. The populism that has always energized evangelicals is now making it more progressive, in much the same way that past evangelicals fueled the movements that ended slavery and brought the vote to women. Travis J. Scholl '07 M.Div. , Nov. 11, 2007, in a letter to the editor, New York Times Magazine .



“My personal mission is to provide a venue for students to worship freely and openly express who they are utilizing their gifts and talents to worship God. To provide a safe and sacred space that frees them to let their lights shine. We are to let our light so shine before men, that they may see our good works, and glorify our Father which is in heaven. (Mt 5:16). Joan Cooper Burnett '04 M.Div ., Nov. 5, 2007, in The Wesleyan Connection , in an interview about her appointment as chaplain of Wesleyan University in Connecticut.



"The pre-eminent ethic of Jesus Christ, his inaugural sermon, is 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon you to preach the good news to the poor, to set up liberty, to set the captives free, to allow the mind to see.' I believe that is the mission of the church." Otis Moss III '95 M.Div . Oct. 1, 2007, United Church News , in the article “Chicago's Trinity UCC prepares to welcome new pastor for new generation.”



Matthew Kustenbauder '06 M.Div. is the recipient of the 2007 Louise and Richard Goodwin Writing Prize, awarded by Theological Horizons, a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to fostering reflection and responsibility in the church, community, and the academy, based at the Bonhoeffer House in Charlottesville, VA. In his winning paper, What's In A Name? Foundations of Christian Mission: God's Incarnation in Jesus Christ and the Ongoing Work of Translation , Kustenbauder examined the Christian mission of translation and the nature of God's translation of himself in Jesus Christ.


“It used to be that workers hung their religion on a coat rack alongside their coats. At home, their religion mattered. At work, it was idle. That is no longer the case. For many people religion has something to say about all aspects of life, work included.” Miroslav Volf, director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture , The Economist, Nov. 1, 2007, in the article “O come all ye faithful; God is definitely not dead, but He now comes in many more varieties.”



Burke Gerstenschlager '02 M.Div. has joined Continuum Books, a major international publisher of books on religious studies, theory, and pop culture, as Biblical Studies acquisitions editor in Continuum's Manhattan office. As such, he is responsible for finding new, exciting, and provocative manuscripts of today's hottest scholars in the study and interpretation of the Bible.


"That involves meeting with patients and seeing to their emotional and spiritual needs. It's wonderful and rewarding. It is a good time to express some concerns and anxieties about their condition and perhaps their impending death." Sharon Miller '08 M.Div . and a Norwalk (CT) Hospital chaplain, Nov. 12, 2007, Business New Haven , in the article “Doing Well by Doing Good.”



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