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Berkeley Divinity School at Yale bestowed three honorary degrees at Convocation and Reunions 2007, to Amy Lee Domini, founder and CEO of Domini Social Investments; Martha J. Horne, retired president and dean of Virginia Theological Seminary; and Jane Williams, author and lecturer. The citations read at the degree ceremony follow:

BDS Honorary Degree Recipients

Amy Lee Domini, you are widely recognized and honored as the leading voice for socially responsible investing. In 2005 Time magazine named you to the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people. Also in 2005, President Clinton honored you at the inaugural meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative for helping protect children and the environment through the Domini Fund for International Giving.

Your vision and dedication to social justice was instilled early on through the example of your parents, who met in Italy while working in an orphanage in the aftermath of World War II. Your family ethos, characterized by compassion and a firm belief in hard work, has stood you in good stead as you forged new frontiers in the financial community. Earning a BA from Boston University in International and Comparative Studies with a stress on European History and Economics, you volunteered your time teaching adult education classes on the ABC's of investing, emphasizing its ethical and moral implications. Your first book, Ethical Investing, was the result of your conviction that socially responsible investing can not only contribute to human betterment but also make money. Founder and CEO of your own investment management company, Domini Social Investments, you have been credited with “pushing the eco-envelope and changing the world.” Your latest book, Socially Responsible Investing, Making a Difference and Making Money proves that your investment strategy works.

You have served the Episcopal Church for many years as a board member of the Church Pension Fund and Chair of the Social and Fiduciary Responsibility Committee. In that capacity you helped to frame the core values, policies and guidelines for global investment strategies that advanced causes in the environment, fair labor practices, treatment of women and minorities and treatment of low paid workers.

Amy Lee Domini, in recognition of your ability to turn compassion into action, your influence that has spurred hundreds of companies to evaluate their impact on the environment and human rights, and your devotion to the Episcopal Church, Berkeley Divinity School is pleased to confer upon you the degree Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.

Martha J. Horne, when you retired in the spring of 2007 as the President and Dean of Virginia Theological Seminary, you were widely regarded as the senior dean of the Episcopal Church's eleven seminaries not only in terms of tenure, but also of stature. As Bishop Peter Lee of the Diocese of Virginia noted in announcing the formation of a visiting professorship in your honor, “ We thank God for her competence, her leadership, her grace and her remarkable combination of compassion and strength. Her tenure embodies the tradition of generous orthodoxy that is one of Virginia's most valued characteristics. "

Born in 1948 in Durham, North Carolina, you graduated from Duke University, and then served as a social caseworker in the Durham County Department of Social Services. Graduating from Virginia Seminary in 1983, you first served two parishes in the Diocese of Virginia before returning to the seminary as an Assistant to the Dean, and then as Associate Dean for Administration. Recognizing your unique administrative and leadership gifts, the trustees of the seminary elected you President and Dean in 1994.

During the thirteen years you led the seminary, the faculty and staff were greatly strengthened due in large part to your ability to recruit especially gifted new members. At a time of great uncertainty in theological education, you led the seminary to reaffirm its commitment to full-time, residential education as the normative pattern of ministerial formation. You have also given leadership in the wider community of theological schools, serving for example on the most recent accrediting team to visit Yale Divinity School.

For your commitment to the intellectual and spiritual preparation of men and women to serve the church, and for the institutional strength you helped to form at one of the church's leading institutions, the Berkeley Divinity School is deeply honored to confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa.

Jane Williams, born in India to parents with the Church Missionary Society, you have been a vital member of the worldwide church throughout your life. After your degree at Cambridge, you taught doctrine and church history at Trinity College, Bristol. You have written widely and influentially, for example Bread, Wine and Women, and Trinity and Unity, and Perfect Freedom and a recent bestseller, Angels.

You have used your influence throughout the world to work for the education of women and women's health care, especially in the AIDS crisis in Africa. At the recent bishops' wives conference in Ghana, you emphasized these themes and also what we in the Western church can learn from African generosity in the concept of 'family,' where there is no concept of the 'nuclear' family, and anybody who needs you becomes your family. After your presence at the meeting of the Anglican Women's empowerment gathering at the United Nations, a fellow member described you this way: 'intelligent, accessible, solidly grounded in her own faith, articulate and comfortable with her femininity and all that brings as mother and wife in a very complex public role.'

Your role requires running two palaces, and this may mean providing a private dinner for the Queen of England or being patron of a hospice for dying children in Kent.

You have shown us how important the connections are in a worldwide communion and what being part of an international church means in practice. You have the gift of incarnating God's love, so that those who are with you know that they matter. Today, Berkeley Divinity School is honored to bestow upon you the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.


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