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“It's not prima facie that such a program is unconstitutional. This one was just poorly thought-out, structured and executed.” David W. Miller, executive director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture , New York Times, Sept. 28, 2007, in the article “Indiana, Faced With Suit, Takes Chaplain Off Payroll.”




"For many Episcopalians the decision they made [to ordain a gay bishop] was one they felt morally obliged to take. There are some who are looking at this as a real watershed moment in the life of the communion and are expecting the Episcopal Church to either give a positive response or to say they will part ways. There are others who feel the Episcopal Church could make a response that would not completely fulfill all that was asked but will be sufficient.” Joseph Britton, dean of Berkeley Divinity School , Sept. 21, 2007, Agence France-Presse , in the article “Anglican leader in showdown with US church over gay clergy.”




“I struggled with the idea of people killing other people. That was very strange for me — how can people kill other people?” To meet a real live Japanese person reinforced this idea — how could you kill anyone, even though they were Japanese?” Morris Pike '52 M.Div. , Sept. 23, 2007 , Burlington (VT) Free Press , in the article “The Pacificst: Morris Pike,” about growing up during World War II.




"That's not to say that you can't forgive as a single act of will. But to do it well in a critical situation you have to live a life that is conducive to that. That is what the Amish illustrate so well. The critical situation came and they came through, not just as individuals but as a community. From their viewpoint, they did what they always did. It was like a defining feature of their life and suddenly their light shone in an extraordinarily powerful way." Miroslav Volf, director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture , September 30, 2007, Pittsburg Post-Gazette, in the article “Nickel Mines legacy: Forgive First,” about Amish forgiveness in the face of the tragic killing of Amish schoolchildren in 2006.




"Interim ministers assist churches in transition. Depending on the situation, there are five developmental tasks that usually apply. The church does the work that needs to be done - the task of an interim minister is to assist the church in those tasks. Of course, all churches are in transition. Change is part of life and adapting to change is a spiritual challenge. You have to discover what's important to hold onto and what's open for review." Douglas Miller '73 M.Div ., Oct. 3, 2007, VoicesNews.com (CT), in the article “Interim Minister Welcomed at South Britain Church .”




"This band is the only thing I've found so far that feels like it unifies my efforts and thoughts. What I love about music is that you create the context." Julie Davis '00 M.A.R. , The Denver Post , October 4, 2007, in the article “Can't pin label on Bela Karoli,” about Davis 's band Bella Karoli, formerly known as Bluebook.



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