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BDS launching new initiative on ministry in schools

Berkeley Divinity School is launching a new initiative, "Ministry and Leadership in Schools," intended to provide training and encouragement for students interested in teaching, chaplaincy, and administrative leadership in independent schools.

While the Episcopal Church has innumerable schools, its seminaries rarely offer aspiring educators the opportunity to train for these particular ministries, according to BDS Dean Joseph Britton.

“Berkeley's evolving program is intended to fill this gap,” said Britton, “as well as give all seminarians a familiarity with the dynamics of schools ministry since many, if not all of them, are likely to work in parishes with attached schools at some point in their career.”

The schools program, guided by a Steering Committee made up of school heads, chaplains, and faculty from around the country, will evolve into a program within the M.Div. curriculum. The funding of the program is one of the priorities of the current BERKELEY>>tomorrow capital campaign.

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