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Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Press Release

Fisher Hall Dormitory at Yale Divinity School Receives Power from above through Solar PV Array

Rocky Hill, Conn., July 24, 2007 – The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), Yale University and Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. today hosted a dedication ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of a 40.29-kilowatt DC commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) system that has been installed on the Fisher Hall dormitory at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Conn. The installation was made possible, in part, by a grant of $187,298 from CCEF through its On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program. The grant to Yale University covered approximately half of the total project cost.

Solar DedicationThe solar array, installed by Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. (SSE) of Milford, Conn., consists of 255 solar panels. 210 of these panels are placed on the rooftop of Fisher Hall and another 45 panels are used in a “canopy” configuration over the south-facing windows and main entrance of the building. Together the panels will generate approximately 45,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, which represents about 17% of the electricity requirements of the building.

Yale has made technical data, such as the amount of energy being generated by the system and the greenhouse gases avoided, available to the public through its Energy Conservation at Yale website, found at www.yale.edu/ energyconservation.

At the event, representatives from CCEF, Yale University and Sunlight Solar Energy were on hand to make remarks.

Lise Dondy, president of CCEF, stated, “With the installation of this solar array, Yale continues to support renewable energy and energy conservation; this is the second renewable energy-generating system that the university has installed on campus.” Dondy continued, “We applaud the university's commitment to sustainability and providing solutions to climate change.”

Harold Attridge, dean of Yale Divinity School, said, “The Divinity School is pleased to be playing a central role in Yale's efforts to pioneer environmentally friendly technologies at the University. The solar cells project is the most visible manifestation of our commitment to honor God's creation through sound environmental stewardship.”

Paul Israel, president of SSE, commented, “Yale is demonstrating its sustainable energy leadership in the Ivy League through installations such as this solar photovoltaic system, the largest to date installed on an Ivy campus.” Israel added, “We are particularly pleased that the university made a special effort to call upon local talent – our Milford-based solar design and installation specialists – to complete this project.”

About the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)

CCEF was created by the Connecticut General Assembly and is administered by Connecticut Innovations, a quasi-public organization. CCEF promotes the development and commercialization of clean energy technologies; the creation of clean energy supply; and the demand for electricity from clean, renewable sources in Connecticut in order to strengthen Connecticut's economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for the state. CCEF's funding comes from a surcharge on electric ratepayers' utility bills. For more information on CCEF, please visit www.ctcleanenergy.com.

About Connecticut Innovations, Inc.

Connecticut Innovations (CI) is a quasi-public organization dedicated to driving a vibrant, entrepreneurial, technology-based economy in Connecticut. CI stimulates high-tech growth by investing in: early-stage Connecticut technology companies; university/industry research collaborations; technology transfer; and, clean energy initiatives through the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. CI also fosters collaboration among government, business, non-profit and academic organizations to advance technology growth and promotes public policies consistent with CI's mission. For more information on CI, please visit www.ctinnovations.com.

About Yale Divinity School

Group tours solar cell array on Fisher Hall following dedication ceremonies.Yale Divinity School is an interdenominational school of theological education that draws its faculty from the major Christian traditions, preparing students for service in lay and ordained ministries, service in the professions, and academic careers. It is one of 11 graduate and professional schools at Yale University. Each year, some 140 students graduate with one of three degrees offered by the school: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Religion, and Master of Sacred Theology.

About Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. (SSE)

Founded in 1988 by Paul Israel, Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc. (SSE) is proud to be one of the leading photovoltaic design and installation corporations in the United States. With full-time professional installation teams in-house, the Milford-based company is the leading residential PV solar installation company in Connecticut. The company has also installed many commercial systems in Connecticut including Yale University's 40,000 watt solar array at the Yale Divinity School. A staunch supporter of the environment, SSE even utilizes fuel-efficient, bio-diesel driven sales and installation vehicles. For more information on SSE, please visit www.sunlightsolar.com.


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