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Three YDS alumni nominated to join Board of Alumnal Affairs

Three YDS alumni have been nominated to join the Board of Alumnal Affairs: Jerry W. Henry '80 M.Div., Arthur H. Latimer '98 M.Div., and Allie Perry '80 M.Div. If elected at the annual meeting on October 10, 2006, they will immediately begin three-year terms ending on the date of the annual meeting in October 2009.

Henry is a partner in Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, a philanthropic strategy and fundraising consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta. Latimer is a retired federal court magistrate judge in New Haven and currently serves as associate minister to Shalom UCC in New Haven. Perry, who has been an adjunct professor at both YDS and Andover Newton, is worship coordinator at Shalom UCC and does pastoral counseling. Click here to view bios and photos of Henry, Latimer and Perry.

Following are photos and bios of the nominees:

Jerry W. HenryJerry W. Henry '80 M.Div.

Jerry W. Henry, CFRE, is a partner of Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, a philanthropic strategy and fundraising consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta that works with such organizations as Ronald McDonald House Charities International, AID Atlanta, and the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. Following graduation from YDS, he was ordained in the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church and served Grace Church, North Augusta, SC. In 1983, Henry was named national executive secretary for The Fellowship of United Methodists in Worship, Music and Other Arts. He become an Episcopalian in 1990 and is a member of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.

Arthur H. LatimerArthur H. Latimer '98 M.Div.

In moving from California to Connecticut, Arthur Latimer went to Dartmouth College, received law degrees from Oxford and Harvard, and spent over 20 years as a federal court magistrate judge in New Haven. He then moved from law to gospel. He came to Yale Divinity School to study ethics and was caught up in scripture studies, chapel, and the school's community life.

After earning his M.Div., Latimer remained at Yale for two years as a research fellow in biblical Hebrew. He then was certified for lay ministry by the interdenominational Interim Ministry Network and served in a number of U.C. C. Churches as a pastoral assistant. He was ordained this year in the United Church of Christ, called as an associate minister to the Shalom UCC in New Haven.

He is married to Kate Latimer '85 M.Div., '98 S.T.M.., a UCC minister. They share a fondness for the divinity school, for church community, and for the honesty and poetic truth of scripture's many voices.

Allie PerryAllie Perry '80 M.Div.

Since YDS graduation, Perry has come full circle, now living behind YDS with her husband, Charlie Pillsbury, and for the past year teaching two courses at YDS as an adjunct: Family Therapy and Nonviolence. After nine years in the parish ministry, she earned a D.Min. at Andover Newton and now teaches there as an adjunct. She also does pastoral counseling at a center in Milford, CT. She is worship coordinator for Shalom UCC, the congregation that grew out of the University's decision last year to cut its UCC ties. Her passion continues to be peace and justice work, hence her teaching of the nonviolence course and her volunteer work with Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice, a statewide interfaith organization.

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