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Access to More than Seventy Major Religion and Theology Journals via ATLAS® Now Available to YDS Alumni

Beginning this month, Yale Divinity School alumni have free access to an online collection of more than 70 major religion and theology journals, thanks to a two-year grant from the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc.

“We at Yale Divinity School are excited about this program,” said Yale Divinity Librarian Paul Stuehrenberg, who worked with ATLA in putting the program in place for YDS alumni. “If there is a good response from alumni, we plan to continue the program after the grant expires in December 2007.

Access to the collection, known as ATLASerials® (ATLAS®), is available through a password-protected site. Journals in the collection were selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. Through this platform, users can research the history of a topic from as early as 1924 to the present in more than 153,700 articles and book reviews. Available titles include such journals as Christian Century, Interpretation, Journal of Biblical Literature, Sociology of Religion, Theological Studies, and Worship (a full listing is available at: http://www.atla.com/products/titles/titles_ ATLAS.html ).

In return for free access to ATLAS, alumni who make use of the service will be asked to complete a survey aimed at determining how alumni use ATLAS both for their individual purposes and in their congregations and communities of worship. To that end, the Yale Divinity Library will distribute surveys in fall 2006 and fall 2007 to gather formal feedback from alumni who use the journal collection.

Beginning April 13, alumni may obtain access information by simply sending an e-mail to atlasproject@yale.edu with a valid Association of Yale Alumni e-mail address in the subject line. When the request is received, an account name and password will be sent back to the user via e-mail.

Alumni who do not yet have a free lifelong AYA e-mail forwarding account can obtain one at https://www.alumniconnections.com/olc/pub/YALE/register/register.cgi.

Technical support is available from Martha Smalley, Yale Divinity research services librarian, at (203) 432-6374 and martha.smalley@yale.edu.

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