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"This is an unusual place. A church like All Saints is called to be God's presence in this world, to be God's hands and feet and voice. There are so many churches that are satisfied with the status quo. All Saints is not." Zelda Kennedy '00 M.Div. of All Saints (Episcopal) Church in Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 13, 2005, in an article about IRS attempts to revoke the church's tax exempt status based on an anti-war sermon delivered at All Saints last year.


"There may be places where Merry Christmas is the message that works best, and others where Happy Hanukkah makes sense." David Miller, executive director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, Fortune Magazine, December 13, 2005, explaining that use of the faith-neutral “Happy Holidays” by retailers may actually offend many people, in the article “Christmas jeers; Target, Lowe's and Wal-Mart get caught in the culture wars.”


“Soul molesters, that's what I call these television evangelists. Soul molesters. That bunch that call themselves Christian. They are not Christian, but a very powerful political group.” Will Campbell '52 B.D., author and preacher, in the article “Nothing Sacred” in Nashville Scene, December 1, 2005.


“The God Squadron,” a summary story about the debate over Evangelical influence at the United States Air Force Academy, including reference to the role played by Associate Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling Kristen Leslie '86 M.Div., in the Fall 2005 issue of Religion in the News, a publication of The Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College.


"Personally, I think it breeds terrorism instead of decreasing it. I think we'd do a lot better to work on feeding the world's hungry... instead of bombing people." Gordon Ellis '76 M.Div., New Britain (CT) Herald, Nov. 14, 2005, speaking about the war in Iraq in the article “Pastor leads congregation with ‘prophetic preaching.'”


“I believe that if you speak to the human concerns, you will affect the lives of people in ways that you don't get at by theologizing and trying to be dogmatic... I think the doctrine takes care of itself.” Benjamin K. Watts '86 M.Div., The Day (New London, CT), December 11, 2005, in the article “Shiloh Baptist's Watts Envisions Larger Church.”


"A Note from Rome ”... by Michael Peppard '03 M.A.R., about his experience delivering a paper in the fall at a conference in Rome entitled “Nostra Aetate Today: Reflections 40 Years after Its Call for a New Era of Interreligious Relationships.” 


“The rules on travel we think are a little vague. We need to have stricter rules. Registered lobbyists simply should not be accompanying members on travel, and the sponsor of travel should not be someone who has a lobbying agenda. We're trying to draw a brighter line and a line that admittedly is more restrictive.” U.S. Representative David Price '64 B.D., '69 Ph.D, December 10, 2005, National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Saturday, in the story “ Bill Seeks to Put Curbs on Lobbyists.”


"We all do this just knowing it makes a better Christmas for a child. I have a sense of deep satisfaction and joy just knowing that it's done." Jim Garrett, former director of admissions at YDS, December 15, 2005, Louisville Courier Journal, in the article “Angel Tree's angel spreads 'love of God'; Organizer is Santa seven days a week,” about Garrett's work overseeing the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program in the Louisville area.


"The reason you can't mix religion and politics is, religion is about absolutes, right and wrong, good and evil. Politics is about compromise." Former Sen. Gary Hart '61 B.D., '64 LL.B., December 16, 2005, BuzzFlash, in the story "Senator Gary Hart Challenges the Unholy Alliance of 'Faith' and Government," about his new book God and Caesar in America: An Essay on Religion and Politics .


George Rupp '67 B.D. receives major alumni award from Princeton University, November 15, 2005, Daily Princetonian.


H. Timothy (Tim) Halverson '74 M.Div. has been unanimously endorsed by Florida 's Peace River Presbytery as a candidate for moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s 217th General Assembly next year in Birmingham, AL. November 18, 2005, Presbyterian News Service.


New book by former Senator John Danforth '63 B.D., '63 LL.B., '73 M.A.H. will explore the widening rift between left and right, conservative and liberal, believer and non-believer. November 15, 2005, Associated Press.


"For saying grace, a natural and comfortable voice is important, so we included some things that not everyone would consider religious."

David Miller, executive director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Nov. 24, 2005, New York Times, commenting on the book “Giving Thanks at Mealtime,” which he edited and is offered on the Tyson Foods company's web site.


“I learned and grew from each funeral that I have done. They made me realize that every life is rich and has a wonderful story. It is inspiring to learn life stories and share them with the congregation.” Scott Morrow '89 M.Div., North Haven (CT) Courier, December 8, 2005, in the article “Life is Good: Minister Enjoys Work, Family, and Play”


"Call it a midlife evolution, metamorphosis, or a midlife revolution. It's all completely natural. Everything in nature changes and so do we." Pamela Hochstetter '91 M.Div., Newtown (CT) Bee, December 8, 2005, in the article “Middle-Aged Women: Facing Crisis, Finding Fulfillment”


“Walking the Talk,” a story about four College of Wooster alumni who have put their beliefs into action, featuring Associate Professor of Pastoral Care & Counseling Kristen Leslie '86 M.Div., in the Fall 2005 issue of Wooster Magazine.


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