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"I am very grateful that Rod McCowan is giving so generously of his time and talents to help our people. We are very fortunate to have someone of his skills, experience and compassion." Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, in an article about the appointment of McCowan '85 M.A.R. as chief executive officer of the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps. BizNewOrleans.com, October 6, 2005 in the article “Blanco taps Hitachi exec to lead Family Recovery Corps”


"Our music reflected that we were big on civil rights, religion and peace. We sang to benefit civil rights, we did antiwar stuff at Yale, we sang in Montgomery, Ala., during the civil rights marches and we sat at lunch counters with our black friends to protest discrimination." Joe Frazier '73 M.Div., former member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, reflecting on his journey from music career to Yale Divinity School to Anglican priesthood. The Dailey Breeze, Torrance, CA., October 29, 2005


"The level of human suffering has just been incredible. At the same time, the forces driving the gap between the rich and poor, destroying the planet, and causing thousands to die needlessly each day of poverty and famine have only gotten worse." Clifton Kirkpatrick '68 B.D., stated clerk of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Ecumenical Press International, October 7, 2005, in a speech before the World Alliance of Reformed Churches meeting in Evian, France.

"Over time a body of experience will develop where this is not seen as a shocking event but part of best practices in a well-run company." David Miller, executive director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, Chicago Tribune, October 23, 2005, in the article “Religious faith finding place in workplace,”


"I was looking for more knowledge of God and I found it in the Episcopal Church in terms of the emphasis on learning a real relationship with Jesus. It was as if my heart was pulling me into this new place." Marilyn Anderson '98 M.Div., Danbury (CT) News Time, October 23, 2005, in the article “Newly appointed Episcopal rector began as Catholic.


“Methodists have a conviction: ‘God is nice.'”
“How do you live faithful enough to create enemies?”
“When the Fourth of July is more important to Christians than Pentecost, you know you're in trouble.”
“What we're doing in Iraq is terrorism.”
“You think whatever the President asks you to do you ought to do? Where'd you get that idea?”

Stanley Hauerwas '65 B.D., the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School, during a lecture entitled “An Unsinkable Church in a 21st Century Sea of Icebergs” at Brownson Memorial Church in Southern Pines, NC, thepilot.com, October 28, 2005


"He had a social conscience, but also a profound grasp of forgiveness." David Hopper, retired Macalester professor of religious studies at Macalester College, recalling Paul “Russ” Wigfield '50 B.D., former chaplain at Macalester and civil rights activist, who died October 3, 2005. He was 84 and lived in Silver Spring, MD. Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 14, 2005


"There's a long tradition of philosophical thinking about how religion functions in the world. It's only natural that the human soul is yearning to be integrated, rather than split by false dichotomies that stem from the enlightenment era in Western history, which led to a separation of facts and values." David W. Miller, executive director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Connecticut Business News Journal, October 17, 2005, in the article “Smells Like Team Spiritual,” about how Connecticut companies accommodate employees' cultural and religious values in the workplace.


"One thing that is changing is that religions are continuing to have significant impact on public life … That requires of us to change the classical modern way of approaching religion in public life and to offer some kind of alternative." Mirolav Volf, Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology and director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Wake Forest University News Service, October 19, 2005, in the article “WFU symposiums explore liberal arts, moral issues in professional life”


“I wouldn't be surprised if a split happened over this. The Methodist Church will get through this, of course, but we will have a big challenge holding things together." Professor of Theological Ethics Thomas Ogletree. The New York Times, October 21, 2005, in the article “Methodist Divisions Over Gays Intensify”


David Cox '72 M.Div., '87 S.T.M., retired rector at Robert E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, VA and former chaplain at Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University, hopes some of the skills he honed over the years as an Episcopal Church priest will be helpful to him as he steps into a new role—as a member of the State of Virginia's General Assembly. October 30, 2005, The News & Advance. Lynchburg, VA, “ Cox wants tax reform for community expenses”


"In the end, it's the people's responsibility to avoid that. But there is also the question that they are being lured into this by some over-aggressive marketing and lack of good information about what is required to keep themselves out of too much debt." David Price '64 B.D., '69 Ph.D., U.S. Rep., North Carolina, Raleigh News & Observer, October 9, 2005, in an article about a bill introduced by Price to warn consumers about the dangers of credit card debt. Price is a member of the YDS Board of Advisors.

The Coca-Cola Co. announced that Clyde Tuggle '88 M.Div., senior vice president and director of worldwide public affairs and communications, has been named president of a newly created Russia, Ukraine and Belarus division of the company, based in Moscow. Tuggle is a member of the YDS Board of Advisors.

Reginald Stackhouse '62, '62 Ph.D., principal emeritus and research professor, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, has published a new book, The Coming Age Revolution (Toronto and New York, Warwick, 2005). In the book, he argues that, while aging has historically meant marginalization, demographic shifts across the developed world will change that in this century.

Harold C. (Hal) Doster '57 B.D. has come out of retirement for a third time to serve as chaplain for United Hospice in Blue Ridge, GA, which serves northeast Georgia, south Tennessee and west North Carolina.

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