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"By far, his legacy will be the number of people he touched. He was sincerely interested in every single person he met. In 10 seconds, you could feel the warmth in his heart." John Atkinson, at the funeral of his brother Richard Atkinson '71 M.Div., '74 J.D., dean of the law school at the University of Arkansas. Atkinson, 58, died August 4 in his sleep in Chicago, where he was attending the annual meeting of the American Bar Association. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, August 10, 2005, in the article “Farewell to UA dean packs church.”


"If you go by past experience, the fact that the issue can even come up, it's an indication that change is taking place. There were also debates about whether slavery was tolerable. Should women be ordained? These are issues that the church struggled with, but its teaching changed over time." Thomas Ogletree, professor of theological ethics, Baltimore Sun, August 28, 2005, in the article “Lutheran Vote Fails to Heal Rift Over Gay Issues”


"If an employee has a substance abuse problem, or their husband is abusing them at home, or they're going through some trauma, most are not likely to go to the HR department and say, 'Would you just listen to me for a while?' That's where a chaplain fulfills a need." David Miller, executive director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 2005


"I really consider myself the luckiest person who's ever lived. I realized no one's life is perfect. The most important thing for me to do is keep a positive attitude and always move forward." Frank Bice '96 M.A.R., '99 M.Div., Oyster Bay (NY) Enterprise-Pilot, August 12, 2005, in an article about his ministry and a football accident that left him a paraplegic.


“There's a special energy we get when we know that the work we're doing is the right thing to do. I know that God has things to teach each of these congregations, each of these communities, that they can only learn when they begin to see one another through the other's eyes.” Kristen M. Dunn '05 M.Div., June 29, 2005, The Berlin (CT) Citizen, in an article about her service as a pastor shared by two Methodist congregations.


“What impressed me was their commitment to remaining Catholic women even as they would have been welcomed with open arms into the clerical ranks of other Christian churches that permit women clergy. “ David Briggs '85 M.A.R., religion writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 13, 2005, reflecting on Catholic women classmates at YDS, in a column about the Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, where discussion of gay and lesbian issues dominated discussion.


“Some say Democrats were afraid of the ‘G-word.' I don't think we ought to be. Martin Luther King was not afraid of the ‘G-word.'” Jack Scott '62 B.D., Pasadena (CA) Star-News, August 14, 2005, in the article “Scott putting faith back in party; Democrats promote moral stance to regain political momentum.”


“The Northeast has smaller church attendance than the rest of the country... In the wake of a Billy Graham Crusade, there is a resurgence in activity," Wesley Avram, Clement-Muehl Assistant Professor of Communication, June 26, 2005, Greenwich (CT) Time, in the article “Graham crusade draws believers from near and far.”

“The church has the gift of hospitality and it strives to make people welcome... We're not a group that meets, but a body of believers.” Dawn Bowles, non-degree student 2004-05, August 19, 2005, The Day, New London, CT, in the article “Rev. Dawn Bowles feels blessed to have been placed at the Ledyard/Gales Ferry Baptist Church”


"When I leave here, I may consider something in politics. Yes, you can mix religion and politics. In fact, you should." Nancy Jo Kemper '67 B.D., executive director, Kentucky Council of Churches, the Advocate Messenger, Danville, KY, August 19, 2005, in the article “Church council chief Nancy Jo Kemper has been at ‘forefront.'”


"The most important role of the clergyperson... is to love his or her people. I don't have an agenda for St. Stephen's except for learning how God is at work in their lives. What their hungers are and what their needs are.” Gary D. Jones M.Div. '85, August 13, 2005, Richmond ( Va. ) Times-Dispatch, about his appointment as senior pastor at Stephen's Episcopal Church in Richmond, effective Sept. 1.


“He impressed the search committee with his thoughtful reflections on academic and residential life on this campus, and he has consistently demonstrated such personal qualities as integrity, openness to new ideas, dedication to students, and enthusiastic collegiality with faculty.” Yale College Dean Peter Salovey, July 14, 2005, in announcing the appointment of George Levesque '94 M.Div., as assistant dean of Yale College for freshman affairs.

Shane Berg M.Phil. '05, former instructor in New Testament Greek at YDS, has been hired as an instructor in New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary, effective July 1, 2005.

Cynthia Terry '93 M.Div. is the newly appointed campus chaplain at Goucher College in Baltimore. She is a former member of the residential life staff at YDS and served as associate Yale University chaplain for more than a decade.

L. Eugene Brown '48 B.D., parish minister and former international director of clergy development for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), has written a book of 20th century writings – sermons, prayers, poems, essays and hymns – that speak to the needs and issues of our time. The book is A Memoried People, Remembering, Made Whole (AuthorHouse).

Empower New Haven, a federally funded anti-poverty/community development organization, headed by Althea Marshall Richardson '01 M.Div., was recognized on June 8 with the Pillar of the Community Award by Christian Community Action, a New Haven-based ecumenical social services agency. CCA is also headed by a YDS graduate, Bonita Grubbs '84 M.A.R., '85 M.P.H.

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