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Just One Week Left for Contributions to Annual Fund; Annual Fund Development Committee Established

With time winding down on the 2004-05 Annual Fund campaign, Yale Divinity School will reach its goal of providing partial scholarships to 65 students next year if an additional $35,000 in contributions is forthcoming by the end of June. Sixty scholarships were awarded during the recently completed academic year, and this year's goal therefore represents an increase of five.

All Annual Fund donations are used in support of scholarship aid, which is the highest fundraising priority of Yale Divinity School

“Those of us who benefited from scholarship aid while we were at YDS especially appreciate the importance of the Annual Fund,” said Elizabeth Strawn '04 M.A.R., director of alumni relations. “Graduates of YDS often enter the workplace in jobs that pay modestly, and lessening their debt burden is an enormous help.”

If 253 more donors contribute to the Annual Fund, YDS will also meet its participation goal.

In April of this year, James Ebert '97 M.Div. was named chair of the Yale Divinity School Annual Fund. Soon after taking on this role, Ebert recruited seven alumni volunteers to serve on a new committee aimed at strengthening Annual Fund efforts: The Annual Fund Development Committee.

“This important volunteer committee will serve as an extension of the Alumni Office,” said Ebert, “and offer assistance in two primary capacities: re-energizing the class agent system by identifying and recruiting more volunteers; and personally stewarding top Annual Fund donors. The ultimate goal of this committee is to raise more money each year for student scholarships.”

The committee members are Jeff Oak '85, Bert Marshall '97, Christopher Worthley '02, Jeff Braun '04, Mary Ellen O'Driscoll '98 and Larry Sehy '61. Rick Mapes '52, who died June 21, was also a member of the committee.

Make a gift of financial aid to the Annual Fund online:Donate To the Alumni Fund