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Canterbury Cathedral Dean to Lecture at YDS

The Very Reverend Robert Willis, dean of Canterbury Cathedral, will deliver a lecture at Yale Divinity School on Wednesday, April 20 entitled “Canterbury Pilgrims ConversationsVery Reverend Robert Willis Along The Way.” The 3 p.m. lecture will be held in Niebuhr Hall, followed by a reception at the Berkeley Center , 363 St. Ronan St .

Willis has been dean of Canterbury Cathedral since July 2001. Educated at Warwick University , Worcester College , Oxford and Cuddesdon College , Oxford , Willis is chairman of the Conference of the Deans of the English Cathedrals and also a member of the Cathedrals' Fabric Commission for England , the body that regulates the conservation of Cathedrals and encourages creative works of art within them.

He has written many Hymns, several of which have found their way into such Hymn Books as Hymns Ancient and Modern and Common Praise . His verses have also been set and published as Anthems.


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