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Dean Harry Attridge's office and conference room were like “media central” on March 21, occupied simultaneously by crews from CNN and NBC. >Go to Story
NBC, CNN visit YDS

William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
The Public Witness and Ministry of William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
Yale Divinity School will host an April 28-29 celebration of the life and ministry of William Sloane Coffin Jr., B.A. '49, B.D. '56, D.D. '02, university chaplain from 1958-1975.
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“It's about relationships and fellowship and camaraderie—that was a big part of why we were there—for the celebratory nature, coming together in faith.” That is what the Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith, M.Div. '83 and president of the YDS Alumnal Board, had to say after attending the historic Jan. 23-27 meeting...

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Margaret Farley
The life and work of Margaret Farley will be celebrated at YDS on April 15-16, 2005.

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Disrobing at Yale Divinity School:
Private Selves, Public Identities

Taking Notes at the All-School ConfernceIt was over a pitcher of beer at Archie Moore's that the theme for this year's All-School Conference was decided.
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Convocation 2005 will be celebrated Oct. 10-13, featuring the Lyman Beecher Lectures, Nathaniel Taylor Lectures, the Berkeley Divinity School Pitt Lecture, and the Institute of Sacred Music Kavanagh Lecture.

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On the Road with Dean Attridge

As the popularity has risen of Dan Brown's best-selling novel of religious and artistic intrigue, The Da Vinci Code, so has the public profile of Dean Harry Attridge.
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Upcoming Institute of Sacred Music Events
Prof. Christl Maier Selected Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology
Christl Maier, associate professor of Old Testament, is one of seven scholars selected as a 2005-06 Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology.
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The Yale Divinity Library has announced the awarding of the 2005 David M. Stowe Fellowship for Mission Research to John T. P. Lai.
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More News:
Reminder: Summer Term at Yale Divinity School and Pastors of Excellence Nominations
Financial Aid for Students

Annual gifts to the Yale Divinity School Alumni Fund are directed to the School's most valuable asset—the students. In 2004-05 YDS was able to provide partial scholarships to 60 students, and the goal for 2005-06 is 65 students.

Make a gift of financial aid to the Alumni Fund online:Donate To the Alumni Fund

Notes from the Quad, April 2005


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