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Nominations sought for Alumnal Board membership and alumni awards

The Yale Divinity School Board of Alumnal Affairs welcomes nominations for the following two categories:

Alumnal Board members. Each year new members join the board and nominations are accepted year round. In January the Nominating Committee will review nominations for the class that will be voted on by our alumni at the annual meeting on October 14, 2008. Follow this link to submit your nomination  http://www.yale.edu/divinity/alum/Alum.FormBoard.shtml.

Distinguished Alumni Awards. Each year the board honors select alumni with an alumni award based on the nominations it receives from other alumni. In January the Awards Committee will review the nominations and the Divinity School will announce the winners during the spring. The awards will be given out at our annual Alumni Awards Banquet on October 14, 2008. Follow the link to submit your nomination  http://www.yale.edu/divinity/alum/Alum.FormNom.shtml.

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