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Full of Grace: Another book from Judith Dupré 11 M.Div.

The prolific Judith Dupré ’11 M.Div. has yet another book out that is getting wide notice, Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life.  Lavishly illustrated, the 332-page volume takes readers on a tour of Mary over the centuries, describing images of the Virgin from ancient through contemporary times, and through diverse setting such as the great Marian shrines, in the Qur’an, and Sudanese refugee camps.  The book includes 77 images and accompanying essays and stories drawn from Dupré’s personal faith journey.

CoverFull of Grace was published by Random House on Nov. 2, and reviews or articles have appeared in a number of prominent print venues, including the New York Times Style Magazine, America magazine and National Catholic Reporter, as well as online resources such as Busted Halo and The Daily Beast.

Dupré describes her book as follows:

“The Virgin Mary—mythic, spiritually compelling, and intellectually fascinating—has captivated people for over two thousand years. In Full of Grace, I offer a new twist on this popular subject, taking the reader inside Mary’s world in ancient Palestine and showing, equally, how thoroughly she inhabits our own, twenty-first century experiences. The book touches on Mary’s Jewish roots, her veneration by Muslims, and, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, powerful presence in Hispanic communities

“More intimately, I explore the joys of motherhood and friendship, the nature of surrender, the dignity of work and the pain of loss through a Marian lens in 59 essays—one for each bead of the rosary.”

DupreDupré, who is enrolled at YDS through the Institute of Sacred Music, is an accomplished writer.  She has several international bestsellers to her credit, including Skyscrapers, Bridges, Churches, and Monuments.  She maintains a web site at http://www.judithdupre.com/.

On campus, she has been active in organizing various exhibitions.  She curated installation of six Global Village Shelters on the Quad in 2007 and in spring 2010 curated the “Luminous Transportations” installation of artist Jo Yarrington in Marquand Chapel.

Click here for a sampling of some of the images, with descriptions, from Full of Grace.