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Alumni invited to engage YDS Office of Career Services

As graduating seniors begin to ponder their next move, many puzzle over a variety of tactical questions about careers and entering "the real world." What do I wear for an interview at a non-profit? How do I respond to questions about marital status or children? What types of interview questions are typical? How do I know if a salary is appropriate? What happens on an interview for a Ph.D. program?

Alumni can be tremendously valuable resources in these circumstances, especially in light of the regional and cultural differences that nuance the particularities of a job hunt. T he YDS Office of Career Services supports several programs that allow alumni from around the world to share their insights with graduating students and with other alumni who may be seeking jobs.

One new program is the Career Services blog (web page that allows for comments and questions) for addressing many of the more common questions. This blog has given job seekers the opportunity to gain very specific advice from a wide variety of alumni who are at work in the fields in which they are interested. Alumni who are willing to be a resource for this web publication should forward their names and career areas to Susan Olson, director of Career Services. She is interested in collecting names and e-mail addresses of alumni from all possible careers, regions and denominations. Participants will receive an occasional survey by e-mail.

A second way of assisting is by participating in the career networking project offered by the Association of Yale Alumni. This online database of alumni willing to network with students and other alumni provides access at all stages of the career discernment process to alumni willing to carry on e-mail or phone conversations about questions related to their particular career fields. The database can be searched by field and degree, and contact made via e-mail. There is a strong need for divinity alumni to participate in this university-wide project, especially those with the Master of Arts in Religion degree. Alumni can sign up to participate by filling out the survey at the Association of Yale Alumni's site.

A third venue for assisting students is to send vacancy announcements to Yale Divinity School. YDS's online posting system is the fastest way to get the word out about vacancies. Another option is to e-mail divinity.careers@yale.edu with information. YDS graduates go on to work in churches, schools, colleges, non-profits, research agencies, publications, and business-among other areas.

Additionally, YDS maintains an e-mail list for job seekers that forwards information about all vacancies that are sent to the divinity school. To be added, students and alumni should e-mail Susan Olson with name, graduation year, and preference of job lists. There are three lists: ordained work only, work not requiring ordination only, and all jobs.