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BDS plays prominent role at "Going Forward Together" conference in Richmond

Graduates of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale played a prominent role in the "Going Forward Together Conference" hosted Nov. 16-19 by St. Stephen's Church, Richmond. Va.

The gathering was organized as "a conference for clergy, lay staff, vestry members and lay leaders, and anyone who cares about the vitality of the church and its engagement with the community, the culture and the world."

Sponsoring clergy and parishes included Sam Candler '82 M.Div. (St. Philip's, Atlanta), Geoffrey Hoare '82 S.T.M. (All Saints, Atlanta), Gary Jones '85 M.Div. (St. Stephen's, Richmond), John Branson '74 M.Div. (Christ and Holy Trinity, Westport, CT), David Anderson '89 M.Div. (St. Luke's, Darien, CT), Marek Zabriskie '89 M.Div. (St. Thomas Whitemarsh, Ft. Washington, PA), and Randy Hollerith '90 M.Div. (St. James's, Richmond).

Among the conference presenters were BDS trustee Alan Blanchard '61 B.A., Visiting Professor of Anglican Studies Bill Sachs '73 S.T.M., and YDS professors Siobhán Garrigan and Patrick Evans. Berkeley Dean Joseph Britton hosted a dinner for the Berkeley friends and alumni who helped to put together this strong statement about building momentum in the Episcopal Church for the future.