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Campus Map

Yale Divinity School Campus Map

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Room List by Room Name
Berkeley Divinity School Administration S109-S115 Marquand Chapel C200
Bacon Wing Niebuhr Hall N123
Beecher Wing Refectory N227
Book Store N124 Revised Standard Version (RSV) Room S200
Brainerd Wing Sarah Smith Gallery
Broholm Seminar Room S202 Seabury Wing
Bushnell Wing Seminar Room S212
Center for Faith and Culture S116 Stuart Wing
Common Room N226 Student Computer Cluster L109
Commuter Lounge N125a Taylor Wing
Divinity Library L100 YDS Admissions and Financial Aid
Hopkins Wing YDS Business Office N225M
ISM Great Hall N100 YDS Career Services
ISM Administration YDS Dean's Office
Jonathan Edwards Center S127 YDS Registrar
Jonathan Edwards (J.E.) Dining Room N126 YDS Student Life
Latourette Hall S223 YDS Supervised Ministries
Mail Room N125a Wood Seminar Room S117

Room List by Room Number
C200 Marquand Chapel S116 Center for Faith and Culture
L100 Divinity Library S117 Wood Seminar Room
L109 Student Computer Cluster S118
N100 ISM Great Hall S119
N103 S120
N112 S121
N119 S122
N120 S123
N121 S124
N122 S125
N123 Niebuhr Hall S126
N124 Book Store S127 Jonathan Edwards Center
N125a Mail Room and Commuter Lounge S128
N126 Jonathan Edwards (J.E.) Dining Room S129
N213 S130
N214 S131
N215 S132
N216 S133
N217 S134
N218 S135
N219 S136
N220 S137
N222 S200 Revised Standard Version (RSV) Room
N223 S202 Broholm Seminar Room
N225m YDS Business Office S203
N226 Common Room S204
N227 Refectory S205
S100 S206
S101 S207
S101a S208
S102 S209
S102a S210
S103 S211
S104 Seminar Room S212 Seminar Room
S105 S213
S106 S214
S107 S215
S109 S216
S110 S217
S111 S218
S112 S219
S113 S220
S114 S221
S115 S223 Latourette Hall