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Environmental (Dis)Locations

a conference with religious imagination exploring environmental justice and climate change


April 8-10, 2010
at Yale University


Sponsored by the Edward J. & Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund · Office of the Secretary . Yale Center for Transnational Cultural Analysis · Yale Divinity School · Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies ·  Interdisciplinary Bioethics Center ·  Forum on Religion and Ecology ·  Department of Religious Studies · Department of African American Studies · Initiative on Religion and Politics · Middle Passage Conversations Initiative on Black Religion in the African Diaspora



Saint Thomas More Center
268 Park Street

APRIL 9 & 10

Yale Divinity School
409 Prospect Street




Yale Divinity School: Willis Jenkins, Diana Swancutt, and Emilie Townes (with Rebekah Menning)

Forum on Religion and Ecology: John Grim, Tara Maguire Knopick, and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Interdisciplinary Bioethics Center: Carol Pollard and David Smith


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