'76, '77 & '78 35th Cluster Reunion


Class Secretary, Class of 1976
Paige L. Smith                                     paigelindsey@bellsouth.net

Class Secretary, Class of 1977
The Rev. Susan W. Klein                susanklein51@earthlink.net

Class Secretary, Class of 1978
Vaughan McTernan                         mcternav@gmail.com

70s Cluster Reunion Committee
Paige L. Smith                                    paigelindsey@bellsouth.net
The Rev. Lee Hardgrove                 elilee50@aol.com
Dick Clay                                              richard.clay@dinsmore.com
The Rev. Chris Glaser                     ChrisGlaserMDiv@aol.com
Rev. Earl Johnson                             ejohn10022@aol.com
Patricia Jane Lull                               pjlull@gmail.com

70s Cluster Reunion Program

Wednesday, October 24th, 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Programming is in the works!


If you would like to participate in planning for your reunion, please call 203-432-5359 or email: divinity.alumni@yale.edu


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