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Class of '58 50th Reunion

Reunion Planning Committee

   Paul E. Schrading, Co-Chair

      H:  412.362.7162

   Paul M. Minus, Co-Chair

      H:  909.621.3195

   James K. Donnell

      H:  724.776.8207

   Park P. Dickerson

      H:  540.375.2395

   Walter E. Fauntroy

      W:  202.387.9100

   William W. Jones

      H: 919.490.8905

   Lydia N. Morrow

      H:  410.206.6968



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Schedule of Events


Reunions Home Page


Class Notes


Reunion Attendance

*Harry Applewhite '58 B.D.

*Merrily Applewhite

*Margaret Callaway

*Shad Callaway '58 B.D.

*James Donnell 58 B.D.

*Sally Donnell

*Normie Dickerson

*Park Dickerson ’58 B.D., 65 S.T.M.

  Walter Fauntroy 58 B.D., 65 Div.D.H.

*Jim Hammerlee 58 M.Div.

*Franklyn "Bud" Hayes '58 B.D. '60 M.A.


 * =officially registered for reunion


*Fran Dubose Johnson

*Frank Johnson '58 M.Div.

*Sharon Jones

*William Jones 58 M.Div, 65 S.T.M.

*David Kelsey

*Julie Kelsey

*Paul M. Minus ’55 B.A., 58 B.D., 60 M.A.,

      ’62 Ph.D.

*F. Kennon Moody '58 M.Div.

*Lydia Morrow 58 M.R.E.

*Carolynn Schrading

*Paul Schrading ’58 B.D.

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