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Classes of '02, '03& '04 Cluster Reunion

Reunion Planning Committee

   John R. Spencer

      H:  919.419.9636 W:  919.613.7282

   Jeffrey D. Braun

      H:  203664.1114 W:  203.938.2004

   Elizabeth L Strawn

      H:  203.535.5236 W:  203.432.8379

   Joan Cooper Burnett

      H:  203.624.5590 W:  860.347.0044

   Sara H.A. Kroon

      H:  203.915.5607

   Teresa M. Howell

      H:  414.763.9248 W:  262.363.7707

   Ashley Grant

      W:  203.877.4277 x309

   Cheree C. Johnson

      W:  309.268.3504



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Schedule of Events


Reunions Home Page


Class Notes Class of '02


Class Notes Class of '03


Class Notes Class of '04


Reunion Attendance

*Jeffrey Beebe '02 M.Div.

*Susan Beebe '02 M.A.R.

*Melinda Popham Benton '02 M.A.R.

  Jeffrey D. Braun 04 M.Div.

*Joan Cooper Burnett 04 M.Div.

*Jennifer Dunfee '03 M.Div.

*Adam E. Eckhart '98 B.A. '01 M.Div.

*Deirdre Eckian '97 B.A. '03 M.Div.

*Gina Finocchiaro '01 M.Div.

*Ashley Grant 03 M.Div.

*Kim Hoare '03 M.Div.

  Teresa M. Howell 04 M.Div.


 * =officially registered for reunion


  Cheree C. Johnson 03 M.Div.

*Nature Johnston '02 M.Div.

*Jason Kroon

*Sara H.A. Kroon 02 M.Div.

*Ann McMillan

*Nixon McMillan '04 M.Div.

*Heather McClendon Sinclair '03 M.Div.

*Steve Smith '02 M.Div. 

*John R. Spencer 02 M.A.R.

*John E. Sowers 02 M.Div.

  Elizabeth L Strawn 04 M.A.R.

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