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Class Notes

Welcome to 1989's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates as it was submitted in the late summer of 2009 for publication in Spectrum 2010.

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.



2010 Notes


Joseph M. Bianchi ‘89 M.Div. is presently President of his own company, Calvary Press Publishing, with over 30 titles in print, distributed worldwide. He is the author of four books, Common Faith, Common Culture, God Chose To Save, My Friend Grace and 21st Century Corinthians. Upon graduating YDS, he pastored Heritage Baptist Church in Worcester, MA, before moving on to Franklin Avenue Church in Malverne, NY. After leaving his last pastorate, he then worked for several organizations before coming to Calvary Press in 1998. In 2007, he purchased the company outright and has set a course to produce the highest quality Christian literature available. He is also active speaking at churches and conferences. He lives in Greenville, SC with His wife Monica and daughter Christina.


Ray Boshara ‘89 M.A.R. is Vice President of the New America Foundation, a DC-based think-tank. Since graduating from YDS, he has worked on Capitol Hill and elsewhere to advance policies to reduce hunger and poverty in the U.S. and worldwide. His book, The Next Progressive Era, was published in April. Ray recently moved to St. Louis with his wife, Lora Iannotti, and their three children, ages 8, 11, and 13."


Joshua Wai-Tung Cho ’89 S.T.M. is the President of the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. His leadership at the Seminary began in 2000, soon after he returned to Hong Kong from the United States of America. During these ten years of his deanship and presidency, he has already authored three books Humanity and Virtue (2004), Narrative and Ethics (2005), and Spiritual Friendship (2009). His books and leadership style reflect his passion in theological hermeneutics, virtue ethics and moral character formation.


Garin Cycholl’s ’89 M. Div. new book-length poem, Hostile Witness, is a meditation on mold, boxing, corruption, and Illinois politics. It reconsiders the story of George Ryan, who, as governor, commuted the death sentences of 157 inmates in 2003 before being indicted and eventually sentenced on corruption charges. Garin and his wife, Shadla, live in Homewood, IL, and he teaches writing at literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at the University of Chicago


In the fall of 2002, Hope H. Eakins ’89 M.Div. retired as Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Essex, CT, and moved to Barrington, RI with my husband Bill (who retired as Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Hartford). In 2007, they moved back to Hartford, since most of their wonderful children and grandchildren live near there. They currently serve as Priest Associates at St. Mark’s, New Britain, where their friend, Pat Hames, is the Rector.

Bob French, '89 M.Div., is pastor of the United Ministry of Aurora, NY, a combined Presbyterian and Episcopalian parish in the Finger Lakes. He also serves as Moderator of the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse and part-time Chaplain of Wells College. His blended family with his wife Sharon now includes nine grandchildren. 


Alvin Helms ’89 M.A.R. lives with his wife and four children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. he served several Congregational churches as a pastor for about 18 years. Currently, Alvin is the COO (chief operations officer) for the Tacoma Rescue Mission. In his spare time he has taught some classes in ethics and leadership for Chapman University and served as a sports chaplain. (rescuetacoma.com or alvinhelms@gmail.com)


In May 2009, Rick King ’89 M.Div. completed his first year as Senior Minister of First Congregational UCC of Longmont, CO! The church will celebrate its 10th anniversary of becoming an Open and Affirming congregation this September. They received an attendance growth award at the Rocky Mountain Conference Annual Meeting in June. His wife, Linda Kopecky, works for the City of Longmont, and their three sons, Eli, 11, Samuel, 9, and Gabriel, 7. Rick serves on the board of the Clark-Lanyon Funds, a local granting organization, and have camp counseled at La Foret, the UCC camp in Colorado Springs.


Brian Maas ’89 M.Div. is Lead Pastor at First Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE. He began that call in 2006 after serving nine years at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kansas City, Missouri. His wife Debbie continues to teach elementary school music, and they have two high-school age children.


Elizabeth Pratt ’89 M.Div. has just completed seven years at SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition in Spartanburg, SC. As Clinical Director, she supervises a team of 8 psychotherapists offering therapy to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. She and her have been together almost six years. They enjoy their home in the woods, raising their teen-aged sons, playing with their dogs, gardening, travel, books, music, and volunteer service in the church and community.


Susan Carpenter Stuber (Suzy) ’89 M.A.R. lives in Wayne, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, with her husband Jim, and children Daniel (8), Annie (7), Janie (6), and Molly (4). She is a clinical psychologist with special interest in women's health issues such as infertility. The family is active at St. David's Episcopal Church in Radnor.

For the last five years Joanna White ’89 M.Div. has had the joy of serving a small Episcopal congregation north of Baltimore, MD. Together, they have journeyed from crisis to discovering what it means to be a living church. At home in Annapolis, she and her husband Sandy are five minutes from two of their children and four granddaughters. Even after 20 years, the memory of her time at YDS remains fresh and sweet.