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   Rev. Joseph M. Freeman '74 M.Div.

   Christ the Savior Lutheran Church

   10500 E. 126th St.

   Fishers, IN 46038






Class Notes

Welcome to 1974's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2008, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.



Notes from 2008


Joe Freeman ’74 M.Div. is serving the ELCA parish he started 27 years ago, in a NE suburb of Indianapolis. His daughters, Hannah (27) and Rachel (25) both live in the Indy area. Joe's hope for the six years of active ministry that remain for him (God willing) is that he will learn to be more fruitful, than merely productive. After nine years of being divorced and re-single, Joe would value having a loving, mature relationship with a special lady, if that should prove to be a gift granted him. If not, that’s o.k., for he knows true completion comes from within.

Tim Halverson ’74 M.Div. began his eleventh year as pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church in Cape Coral, FL. Martha and Tim have seven children (of whom Ted is still at home) and four grandchildren.


Phil Krill ’74 M.A.R. seeks to re-enter the Roman krillCatholic priesthood in the diocese of Saginaw, MI after a hiatus of 25 years. Having been ordained in 1981, Phil left the priesthood to attempt a civil marriage in 1985, divorced in 1990. Meanwhile he served 30 years as an addictions treatment specialist and consultant, taught theology at the college level, raised one beautiful son, Ben (age 20), and today is learning a tiny bit how to live the Serenity Prayer.

John W. Olson ’74 S.T.M retired at the end of 2006 from Haddam Neck, CT Congregational UCC after commuting 55 miles 18 years from Bridgeport. He is in his third year on the Bridgeport, CT Board of Education and worked on the Jimmy Carter Work Project in Biloxi, MS in May 2008. John also serves as UCC Annuitant Visitor to retired UCC clergy in Fairfield County. Blessings to Colin Williams' group of clergypersons who had ears glued to radio reports of Richard Nixon's impending demise.



Notes from 2007


Michael A. Boccaccio ’74 S.T.M. has been appointed to serve as National Convention Chair of the Roman Catholic Canon Law Society of America.  This 5 year term began on October 12, 2006.

Jim Carr ’74 M.A.R., ’74 M.A. and his wife Laura moved to Wheaton, IL, after graduating from YDS and also with a M.A. in Administrative Science from Yale Graduate School, and he took a job with the Harris Bank in Chicago.  He stayed there until 1979 when he joined a small company called Produce Reporter Co., of which he is now the owner and CEO.  It is 106 years old, and it serves as the Dun and Bradstreet for the produce industry.  They have two children, a daughter and a son, both of whom are elementary teachers.  Their daughter is married, and they are the proud grandparents of her darling nine month old daughter. From 1993 to May of this year, Carr served as Mayor of Wheaton, IL, a very interesting and fun position. They are both active in the First Presbyterian Church, Wheaton, IL.

Bill Chidester ’74 M.Div. has been serving at Sylvania United Church of Christ (www.sylvaniaucc.org) in Sylvania, OH for the last 21 years. He has been blessed by the strong bonds of fellowship in his congregation, as they walked with him and his family as he went through a liver transplant 18 years ago and the aftermath ever since; but he hopes that he still remains fresh and challenging to the church, even after all these years. Regardless, to misuse and paraphrase Luther, here he stays. His wife Sharon is a pediatric physical therapist and works in the Michigan public school system. They have two adult children, one of whom is married. He enjoys playing tennis in his free time. Three years ago, Chidester was able to take a sabbatical courtesy of Lily Endowment. Part of that included a trip to Turkey. He has since taken a group of church folks back there and had a wonderful experience both times, soaking in the Christian history from the early churches of Paul to the remains of the Byzantine Empire in Istanbul and everything in between. He also appreciated the exposure to Islam and found the Turkish to be a very welcoming and hospitable people.

Dick Cockrell ’74 S.T.M. of Anderson, SC recalls with great fondness his two years at YDS, spent both studying and working at a parish. Most of his church time now is taken up his work for The Institute of Servant Leadership (ISL) started by Bishop Bennett Sims 40 years ago. The April 2007 conference, entitled American Christianity Reinventing Itself, was a huge success, and the keynote address was especially worthwhile. More information about the Institute and this conference can be attained from the website at www.servleader.org. Cockrell is already looking forward to the tri-annual General Convention to be held next in 2009 with the theme A New Leadership for an Emerging Church. He would appreciate responses to the ISL conference and its vision and hope for the future of the American Christian community. He can be reached by email at ricardocee@aol.com.


After having been a pastor for thirty years Wayne Harvey ’74  M.A.R. became a director of missions for an association of Southern Baptist churches in Gainesville, Florida, in 2000 and hasn’t looked back His  association helps churches find pastors, provides training for them, helps them start churches and new ministries, and enables them to do more than one church can do alone. Even better, doesn’t get the late-night calls that he did when a pastor! His major project now is completing a reference book for B&H Publishers on the topic of English idioms, allusions, and sayings from the Bible. He has found over a thousand such terms and examples of their use by contemporary secular writers that will go into the 1000+ page book along with definitions, Biblical citations, and brief expositions explaining the Biblical meaning of the terms. Also, for the second year in a row he and his wife are marketing Christmas buttons. The colorful buttons read, “Please Wish Me Merry Christmas.” They’ve gotten a great response from churches as they help break down the “Happy Holidays” barrier. They serve as a gambit for meeting fellow Christians and others who like to celebrate Christmas while displaying Christmas spirit.

Roy G. Maurer ’74 M.Div., ’87 M.B.A. is currently a partner with The Clarion Group where he provides advisory support to senior executives in the fulfillment of their business responsibilities and leadership development.  Following YDS, Maurer spent several years pursuing spiritual development in monastic settings and taught religion and psychology at Choate.  Then, after his M.B.A., he spent 15+ years as an executive with Aetna in financial services and international insurance.  While on one level the focus of his work is centered on business strategy, growth and innovation for Fortune 500 companies, on another level the kind of trusted advisory relationship he creates with senior executives lends itself to exploring those dimensions of leadership responsibility that are certainly spiritual in nature if not by name.  He considers himself fortunate to truly love his work and hold it as his calling.  His wife, Iris, is a yoga and aerobics instructor and personal trainer.  He continues to practice meditation as the core of his spiritual discipline.  Occasionally he and Iris offer combined yoga and meditation workshops in area centers.  He continues to live in Farmington, CT and lists his email address as.roymaurer@aya.yale.edu.

Since June of 2005 Tony Pappas ’71 B.S., ’74 M.A.R. has been ministering as the Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (TABCOM). TABCOM is the historic Baptist communion in Massachusetts and is comprised of 290 congregations and two camping ministries. Previously, he pastored a church on Block Island for twenty years and was an ABC Area Minister for a decade. He has been married to his wife Cynthia for 32 years and they have two children, Rebecca, age 27, and Jason, 23. Their joy in recent months has been Becky's marriage last September.

Rev. Jack A. Saarela ’74 is currently Coordinator for Campus Ministry in Region 7, 8, & 9 of the ELCA, roughly the eastern one-third of the nation. He relates to some 80 or so ELCA campus ministries (including Luther House in New Haven), or Protestant campus ministries in which the ELCA is a partner. His office is housed at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He assumed this position after 16 years as Pastor of University Lutheran Church and Campus Center in Gainesville, FL, with a ministry to the University of Florida, home of the Fightin' Gators! Prior to that, he was Associate Pastor of a bilingual English-Finnish Lutheran congregation in Lake Worth, FL. His first call after YDS had been in Brampton, ON near Toronto. He is married to Diane, with whom he began married life in Curtis Hall at YDS. They have two adult sons: Luke, 29, of Philadelphia, a graduate of Florida State University Law School; and Jesse, 25, of Gainesville, FL, who works for a forestry consulting firm.