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Class Notes

Welcome to 1970's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.



2010 Notes


Faith Nickel Adams’ ’70 M.A.R. participated in the design and composition of a memorial booklet entitled Constance Libbey Menninger: Perspectives on a Vibrant Life. To complete this task and privilege, Faith was for six weeks a telecommuter to Berkeley, CA, answering to Dave Menninger, Editor-in-Chief.


Gary Ahlskog ’70 B.D., ’71 S.T.M. writes, “Never let it be said that I act precipitously: 38 years later I’m just now eligible for ordination in the UCC.” Gary finished YDS in the midst of social and personal upheaval. Since then, he has completed four quarters of CPE, a Ph.D. in psychology, and certifications in psychoanalysis and hypnosis. Today he makes his living in his office in NYC (and East Hampton) as a psychoanalyst, exploring nuances of the heart, and a hypnotic healer, curing smoking, drinking, phobias, intractable pain, and similar issues with a nearly 100% success rate. This is a wonderful ministry.


He writes, “I wish for all of us the prayer of D.W. Winnicott: "Oh God, let me be alive when I die.’”


Bob Bixler ’70 M.Div. spends his time working with a foundation he co-founded in Northern India, the Ladakhi Children’s Schooling Project, and with his photography. He retired in 2007 after thirty-five years working in the field of community-based prevention on the state, national and international level. He and his partner of twenty-eight years, John, live in Denver. They have three children, Marialisa, a lawyer, Amanda, a college administrator and Rachel, a hospice social worker


For the last 40 years Rand Edwards ’70 M.Div. and Leslie have been serving United Methodist churches in small college towns. They have 3 grandchildren ages 5,2.5, and 2. Rand is thinking of retiring back toward Pittsburgh and imagines buying their first house at 65! A young pastor he mentored occasionally sends him clippings of the wonderful accomplishments of his former classmates and asks "By the way Rand what have you been doing." Rand tells his wife that he is famous but only with a very select group. Rand sees that his cohorts are also passing through the snake of time and pray that all may come out well for them. When his dear friend and roommate Ken Powell came down with terminal cancer he asked if Rand believed that with God all things work together for good with those who love the Lord, Rand said "I'm not sure." He said "I believe that they do." “He always was smarter than me. Here’s to good people and good memories at YDS. “



After 23 years serving a wonderful UCC congregation in Darien, CT, Ron Evans ’70 B.D. and Janet retired to a blissful life of active retirement at “Pilgrim Place” in Claremont, CA. Check out the website. They are surrounded by a host of engaging people who have served the life of the Church in many denominations and in all parts of the world. The weather, combination of activities, proximity of the Claremont Colleges and Claremont Theological School (a few blocks walk under over-arching shade trees!), make for happy days that always include good conversation and provides them with a healthy, restful and re-creative retirement.


Non-the-less they keep coming back to enjoy the lush green landscapes of New England a good shot of reality. The key is an annual “Interlude Ministry” of filling in for clergy colleagues on sabbatical, study leave or just in need of a little longer vacation. Last summer it was “First” (1632) Congregational, UCC in Cambridge, MA. This year it’s “Old South Church,” (1768) UCC in Windsor. VT. Next summer? Well, make him an offer. Ron is affordable and you probably need the added rest. Essentially, all He needs is a place for them to stay (your parsonage?) and a car to drive (someone there must have a second car they don’t use all the time…). He’ll lead worship and assist your deacons in providing pastoral care. You get to be off and away from the end of June through Labor Day. What a deal! Call.


Sam Gladding ’70 M.A.R. writes, “God is full of surprises, just ask Abraham. Our youngest, Timothy, was accepted to Yale’s Class of 2013 (Saybrook College) so I will travel to New Haven more and visit YDS in the process.” Gladding continues to chair the Department of Counseling at Wake Forest University and to write. Someday he hopes to publish as many books as Will Willimon ’71 M.Div., which means he will have to live to be as old as Methuselah.


Thomas L. Hall ’70 B.D. completed a 5 month intensive interim Feb-June 2008), as Senior Pastor at Shadow Rock UCC in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to that he was Senior Interim for 27 months at Mayflower UCC in Billings, MT. He is now the Senior Pastor at Salem UCC in Denver, CO. After 63 years of bachelorhood, he married Laura Novosad in Denver. Tom looks ahead to another 8-10 years of ministry. 


Paul Harris ’70 B.D. and wife Sally write from Africa, “Bottom line: the situation is excellent. God is good, people are amazing, graces attend every day, the church is alive and lively, we have good opportunities to use what talents we have and forgiveness for our shortcomings. Ken is back from Iraq , I’m in good health and Sally is getting better. We are surrounded by loving friends and supportive colleagues (both Tanzanian and ex-pat) and good things are happening. How can we keep from singing?”


After graduation in 1970, Kathy and David Keller ’70 M.Div. moved to Pittsburgh where David started his first local church appointment as an United Methodist pastor. Six appointments later, he is currently serving yet another great congregation in Wilkinsburg near Pittsburgh (SouthAvenueUMC.org). A special supplement to his ministry has been summer ministries leading wilderness camping events particularly in Algonquin Park, Ontario. Retirement looms in a two or three years but I am in no rush. Ministry is still an adventure and privilege for me.


Kathy, who taught at the YDS Preschool (basement of Curtis), finished her Master's degree at the University of Pittsburgh in 1976 and thereafter has been an exemplary teacher in early childhood education.


Their son Pete lives in Baltimore and their daughter Rebecca lives near us in Pittsburgh.


They also have enjoyed having a 90 acre wooded "tree farm" that they bought in 1973. Since then, this farm has served as a sanctuary always within an hour's drive of home. They built a "cabin in the woods" and continue to enjoy caring for and enjoying the trees, fish, and animals.

Jerry Kirkpatrick ’70 B.D. continues in interim/transitional ministry, this time serving a small congregation in Keller, Texas (Fort Worth suburb). They have bought a house in Waco, which is their home base – at least until one of their children gets settled in a long-term location. Brenda remains director of accounts payable at Baylor University. Their son Andrew is writing his dissertation in political science at Emory University in Atlanta, while his sister Courtney and brother Edward are chasing their dreams in Los Angeles.


After thirty years in the Lutheran ministry, Leonard Klein ’70 B.D, his wife, and two of their three children, entered the Catholic Church in July of 2003. In May 2005, the Bishop of Wilmington, DE, received permission from Pope Benedict to ordain Leonard a priest. He was ordained deacon in July 2005, and priest on April 1, 2006.


In December 2005, He and Christa and their daughter Renate, who is disabled with a rare genetic disease, moved from York, PA, to Wilmington, DE. He has multiple ministries: part-time hospital chaplaincy, part-time associate pastor at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Wilmington, chaplain to the Society of St. Thomas More (the Catholic lawyers guild), and service on a couple of boards. Christa serves as president of In Trust, a non-profit that supplies a variety of services to seminary boards, so we stay very much abreast of that world.


Their daughter Maria and her husband Joel Hollenbeck live in Charlotte, NC, with three of their grandchildren, aged one, four, and seven (girl, boy, girl). Their son and his wife Jennifer live with their two boys, aged three and six months, in St. Paul, MN. Each is too far away of course.


In March Leonard’s mother, the last of their parents surviving, died, so that they are now the older generation. But he remains thankful for many blessings, not least the education he received with all of you at Yale.


Marjorie Peace Lenn ’70 M.A.R. writes, “2010 marks the third generation of Peace/Lenn family members to graduate from YDS: Rebecca Peace Lenn ’10 MAR; Dr. Marjorie Peace Lenn ’70 M.A.R; Dr. D. Jeffrey Lenn ’69 S.T.M.; and F. Elwynn Peace ’40 B.D. Marjorie’s work assisting global governments in improving the quality of their university systems has extended to 50 countries and the Center for Quality Assurance for International Education of which she is President has evolved since its founding in 1991 to offices in metro Washington, DC; Hanoi, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (www.cqaie.org). Higher education remains key to the promotion of global understanding.


Chuck Wildman ’70 B.D. and Anne have been busy retiring to Cape Cod. He officially ended his 20-year "tour" as senior pastor of Rock Spring Congregational UCC, Arlington, VA, April 15. The two moved the following week and have been busy setting up their home ever since. They now are full time in a home they purchased 15 years ago for vacation/study leave use and occasional trips during the year. Over time, they have nearly doubled its size, and it is now designed for their style of living- informal and comfortable. They are located a few minutes' walk from a great ocean beach and surrounded by several fresh water ponds for non-motor water sports. They love Cape Cod and welcome friends anytime. Chuck hopes to do a little preaching and other church related work as time goes on. As much as he enjoyed parish ministry (38 years, four parishes), he is ready for some reflection and renewal time before beginning any new venture. “My best to all. Hope to see some of you at YDS fall conferences.”


In June 2009 Sandy Wylie ’70 B.D. was appointed to University United Methodist Church in Tulsa, a church he served 20 years ago, this time as interim pastor. He plans to retire next June to a house that he and Susan are building on Lake Windsor in Bella Vista, AR.  The house will have a library to accommodate Sandy’s large preaching collection. He plans to stay active in homiletics.