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Class Notes

Welcome to 1961's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2008, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.


2011 Notes


Retired from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, GEORGE W. BRASWELL, JR. ’61 B.D. is now Senior Professor of World Religions at Campbell University Divinity School.  He also directs its World Religions and Global Cultures Center.  Iran, where his family lived from 1968 to 1974, remains a major interest. George and his wife Joan live in Wake Forest, NC.  They enjoy their three grandchildren, ages 11, 8, and 18 months, and greatly miss their oldest grandchild, who died of cancer three years ago. 

In August 2010 DAVID E. L. BROWN ’61 M.Div. returned  to Peacham, VT to deliver the keynote address for the town library's Bicentennial Observance.  David also enjoyed a reunion with classmate ROBERT A. POTTER ’61 M.Div., pastor of the Peacham Congregational Church.

BURTON N. CANTRELL ’61 M.Div. and his wife Carol, who reside in Columbus, OH, have four children and nine grandchildren.  Now retired, Burt has served as pastor, administrator, writer, editor, social worker, broadcaster, and educator, teaching at Youngstown State, Ohio State, and The Methodist Theological School.  He has been active in the social justice movement, working for peace, racial justice, alleviation of hunger and poverty, and GLBT rights.  Carol has retired from teaching, and they are enjoying “a cultivated leisure.”  Their e-address is: bccantrell@aol.com.

In June 2010 CHARLES E. COLE ’61 B.D., retired and living in Santa Fe, NM, and TOM W. BOYD ’61 Div., professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma, jointly led the Faith Conference on Nuclear Weapons at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Santa Fe, with presentations by historians, scientists, anthropologists, activists, and a theologian.  Scientists from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory explained the history and production of nuclear weapons. Tom discussed the concerns which faith communities have had about nuclear weapons from their origins to the present, suggesting that science may have overreached itself in creating these weapons.  During the conference, some Los Alamos scientists affirmed the goal of zero nuclear weapons. Copies of the Spring 2009 issue of Reflections on nuclear weapons were distributed.  A conference summary is available at www.sfstjohnsumc.org.

In September 2010 RICHARD L. DODDS ’61 M.Div. and his wife Margaret, who reside in Penney Farms, FL, celebrated 53 years of marriage.  In 2010 Dick also completed his thirteenth summer as a National Park Ranger at the Eisenhower National Historic site, Gettysburg, PA.  He currently serves as mayor of Penney Farms, and Margaret is moderator of the community’s interdenominational congregation. With their many volunteer projects, both are “busily and happily engaged.” 

BETTIE D. GABEHART ’61 M.R.E. continues her political activity, serving on the Fayette County Democratic Party Executive Committee and working with The Women’s Network of Kentucky. She also volunteers with the Lexington History Museum.  Betty hopes to attend the class reunion in 2011.

After 18 years BARTLETT W. GAGE ’61 B.D. retired from St. John's Episcopal Church, Stamford, CT, where he had served as Associate Rector.  In October 2008 Bart became Assisting Priest, celebrating Mass daily, at St. Andrew's in Stamford, an Anglo-Catholic parish, where congregants come from 19 countries.  One may read his homilies and stories at www.fathergage.com.

Since “retiring” C. EDWARD GEIGER ’61 M.Div. has served several interim pastorates, urban and suburban, and is currently a board member of a community ministry.  Ed and his wife Peggy, who reside in Wallingford, PA, enjoy traveling and have participated in biking trips in Germany, France, and the United States.  “We recently enjoyed a bike and barge tour through the canals of eastern Holland.”  They have three children and five grandchildren.

After teaching Biblical literature for 35 years at Trinity College, Hartford, CT, JOHN A. GETTIER ’61 B.D. retired in 2001.  He continues to lecture in churches and synagogues, offers instruction in programs of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, and helps to direct Trinity’s adult education program.  John wrote that his wife died in November 2009, and that he has struggled “to forge a new path. That path takes me back to undergraduate teaching as I fill in this year for someone on leave.  Let‘s hope the old skills are not too rusty.” 

JOHN RICHARD GIBSON ’61 B.D., ’62 S.T.M. lives in Rock Hill, SC.  Retired in 2002, Dick has served as Minister of Education in United Methodist congregations, instructor in educational media at North Carolina State University, and adjunct instructor in the graduate program of Christian education at Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC.  As part of his ministry, he created and now serves as trainer for “Born Free/Stay Free,” a drug addiction prevention program.  Dick also serves as a national trainer for “Godly Play,” a Montessori-based religious education ministry with children and parents.  He enjoys extensive travel, noting his hiking in the Swiss Alps and near his mountain home on the NC-TN border.  Married for 22 years, he has three sons and five grandchildren.   

After 39 years in parish ministry in metropolitan Boston, CHARLES H. HARPER ’61 S.T.M. retired in 2000.  Charles has found that “a life-time interest in poetry has become a primary retirement vocation.”  In 2008 Xlibris published his first book of poetry, Sorting Things Out.  After reading Charles’ poetry, Bill Moyers of PBS sent him a commendatory note and later wrote a promotional note for Charles’ second book, Making A Life, published in 2010.  Charles enjoys reading poetry to groups in churches, libraries, and other community settings.  “Have poems, will travel,” he noted.  He also leads poetry appreciation workshops at the public library in Plymouth, MA.  In July 2010 Charles and Pat celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary.  One may contact them at chatharper@comcast.net

After teaching for 36 years, REID D. HUNTLEY ’61 M.Div. retired in 2005 as Professor of English at Ohio University.  He had served for one year as a Fulbright Visiting Professor, lecturing on American literature at the University of Madras and in other areas of India.  A retired Presbyterian minister, Reid is active in a Presbyterian congregation in Columbus, OH, where he resides.  He practices Hatha Yoga and Transcendental Meditation, considering himself “a Presbyterian Plus, meaning God is infinitely bigger than any human, church, denomination, creed, or faith can conceive or imagine.”  Reid actively pursues his interest in photography and often exhibits his work.

WILLIAM B. HUNTLEY ’61 B.D. is the Crawford Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Redlands and teaches Old Testament literature, the Hebrew language, and world religions.  In May 2010 Bill led an intergenerational group to England, Ireland, and Scotland, visiting Edinburgh where he studied in his middle year of divinity school, and Iona.  The day at Iona “… was the greatest day in the month … two services in the Abbey, sunshine for 12 hours, a true Sabbath …”  Bill has completed his “annotating an album” project, communicating with those in whose wedding ceremony he participated during a 40-year period.  “I was overwhelmed with memories and reflections of those I tried to contact.  Their responses confirmed the value of the project … and all the days I spent going to weddings for half a century.”  Bill looks forward to the class reunion in 2011.

ELDON L. IRVING ’61 B.D. was recently chosen to receive the Distinguished Minister’s Award in Pastoral Ministry by Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.  Eldon retired in 2004 after 43 years in the pastoral ministry, the last 28 years as Senior Pastor of First Christian Church, Duncanville, TX.  While Eldon was there, the congregation was recognized by the National Evangelical Association for “excellence in evangelism and church growth.”  The church was also recognized by the General Assembly for being an “exemplary teaching congregation,” one of five Christian Churches in the United States to receive this honor.  Since retiring Eldon and his wife Gloria have been volunteering in state parks in Texas, Florida, and Colorado.  In November 2010 Eldon’s book Personalities in the Pews, Stories of Inspiration and Humor, illustrated by Gloria, was published.  His website is: www.eldonirving.com.

JOE R. JONES ’61 B.D., ’63 M.A., ’70 Ph.D. reported that his website (www.grammaroffaith.com) has been extensively redesigned to allow a lively exchange of ideas.  “I am hopeful that there will be some fruitful conversations …  Our world and the church are deeply troubled and overwhelmed with conflict.  I intend to be a … voice addressing the various dimensions and perplexities of that conflict.”  Joe’s e-address is: joerjones@hughes.net. 

MURRAY A. McBRIDE ’61 S.T.M. retired in 1994, having served in parish ministry, as a Member of the Canadian Parliament, and in business.  Now in his second marriage, Murray and Mary Jane have five children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  The McBrides divide their time among a condo in Ottawa, Canada, a beach home near the Ottawa River, and a home in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.  Murray remains active in business as a director in his son’s company.  In 2006 Murray had heart surgery, requiring five stents, and, with strict dieting and regular exercising, he is now well.  Murray wrote, “At 75 life is absolutely superb in every way.”





DONALD H. McCORD ’61 B.D. and his wife Ann moved to Morristown, NJ, eight years ago after his retirement from a 16-year ministry with the Austin Boulevard Christian Church, Oak Park, IL.  Don and Ann are now active in the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, singing in the choir and ringing hand bells.  Both are also active with the Witness and Outreach Committee.  Don is moderator of the Nairobi/Newtown Partnership Committee, Presbytery of New Jersey, and secretary to the Kenya Mission Network Council.  In July 2010 Don and Ann traveled to Kenya for three weeks to establish programs and projects.  Having chosen to retain his standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Don is recognized to supply pulpits of the Newton Presbytery, NJ.  Concerning retirement, Don reported that he “lasted only four months,” returning to work as a part-time sales associate in a retail store.  He also serves part-time on the staff of the Presbyterian Church in Chatham, providing pastoral care and assisting with confirmation classes.  Ann pursues increased proficiency on the French horn and Don enjoys needlepoint.  He still plays tennis several mornings a week.  Both enjoy the concerts of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  Don and Ann offer “God’s blessings to one and all.”

After one year at Yale, CALVIN S. McLAUGHLIN ’61 Div. entered the biochemistry program at MIT and earned a doctoral degree in biochemistry.  He noted that his experiences at the divinity school helped him to focus upon an area of study where he could make an important contribution.  As he worked in his chosen field, he helped “to sequence the first nucleic acid and work out the genetic code.”  Cal has worked with seven Nobel Prize winners.  Because of his contributions to research, he was invited to attend a Nobel ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, when Lee Hartwell, a friend and co-worker, received an award.  Calvin is Professor of Biochemistry, University of California, Irvine.  His research has lately focused upon human genetics and the evolution of man.  He stated that  “… our ability to sequence DNA from old bones is giving us a look into early Christianity in a way that was unthinkable a few years ago.  In terms of human health, the rate of progress is breathtaking.”  Cal is active in a local congregation, currently serving on the Worship Commission.  He also helped to establish and now supports the Interfaith Center at the University of California, Irvine.  Calvin and his wife Chin Helen Moy, whom he met at MIT, have three children and four grandchildren.  They reside in Corona Del Mar, CA.

WILLIAM R. MORROW ’61 B.D. wrote that it’s “a tough assignment” to give an account of his recent activities to classmates whom he doesn’t often see.  “But … the notion that I may have more in common with my living classmates, as we all age and ripen at more or less the same rate, prompts me to share …  I am fortunate to be able to follow my career still, at a reduced schedule.  I have found that, in the past twenty years, the pursuit of a private practice of clinical hypnosis has been very satisfying.  I have taught courses in self-hypnosis at Chautauqua Institute …”  Bill plans to lead a course at Chautauqua in 2011 entitled “Common Threads of Mind-bending Practices,” exploring prayer, meditation, and visualization.  “… I have been a cerebral Christian for much of my life, but some recent medical reminders from the mortality goblins have sent me back to a serious pursuit of Centering Prayer …  I am very interested in religious symbols and ceremonies as language that speaks to the unconscious part of me.  I would love to hear from anyone who might be on a similar path.”  Bill plays the fiddle and pennywhistle in various groups and wrote that “it is great to gather with fellow musicians as I travel around the country to visit friends and relatives.”  Bill and Judy, who have been married for 44 years, reside in Fort Myers, FL.

ROBERT A. POTTER ’61 M.Div. and Christina celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2010 and reside in Wheelock, VT.  In his seventh year as pastor of Peacham Congregational Church, Bob finds excitement in his pastoral work and in his extended ministry through other organizations.  In January 2011 he participated in the inauguration of Vermont’s new governor, Peter Shumlin.  In his ceremonial comments, Bob told of advice he had received from Martin Luther King, Jr.  He also spoke of an old Vermonter who, when he heard that Bob would be praying for the new governor, wondered aloud “if it would do any good.”  Bob and Chris are parents of three.  Bob wrote, “2011 will bring us four commencements for our grandchildren … the year of my 50th anniversary of my Ordination … and the year our son Jeffrey will be ordained…  Our life has been blessed beyond measure.”

After 41 years serving congregations in the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, HOWARD O. REYNOLDS ’61 M.Div. retired in 2002.  He continues to serve as a board member for the United Methodist Homes for Children and Youth and for the Foundation of the Kentucky Annual Conference.  Howard also teaches in the Conference School of Christian Missions and encourages and mentors seminarians, pastors, and friends in world mission.  Married for 38 years, Howard and Dee, who reside in Lexington, KY, have three children and seven grandchildren.  Howard offers “Grace and peace to each and all.”  Their e-address is: howdeereynolds@insightbb.com.

LAWRENCE J. SEHY ’61 M.Div. lives in Niles, MI.  Retired after a 40-year career as a professional fundraiser for non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada, he now volunteers his expertise for International Partners in Mission and other non-profit agencies.  Larry and Kathy had been married for 47 years when she died of cancer in 2006.  They have two sons, Stephen and David, both married, and three grandchildren.

D. MOODY SMITH ’61 Ph.D. retired from teaching at Duke University Divinity School in 2002, but is still fulfilling prior commitments.  He is now helping to revise, for a seventh edition, Anatomy of the New Testament, written by Moody and ROBERT A. SPIVEY ’62 Ph.D., first published in 1969 and in continuous print since then.  Clifton Black of Princeton Theological Seminary has joined the team to revise the book.  Moody is also preparing a commentary on the Epistles of John.  He and his wife Jane have four children.  Their son DAVID B. SMITH ’91 M.Div. is in his ninth year as associate minister of Bethel United Methodist Church, Spartanburg, SC, Jane and Moody’s home church.  Another son Allen is an officer of the Society of Human Resource Management, Alexandria, VA.  Their daughter Cynthia is an assistant U. S. attorney in Atlanta, GA.  After serving as a school psychologist, daughter Catherine has now retired in Raleigh, NC.  Jane and Moody have six grandchildren.     

Having retired 12 years ago, RICHARD L. STANGER ’61 Div. and his wife Joan live in Saratoga Springs, NY.  After Dick studied at Yale for two years, he completed his studies at McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL.  Dick has served as head of staff in three churches, in Indiana, New York, and Florida, and has worked in higher education as a professor and administrator.  He proudly reports that his daughter Allison has written a highly acclaimed book, One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy, published by Yale University Press.   Her book, Dick reported, was endorsed by Fareed Zakaria and General Anthony Zinni and was the subject of a Tom Friedman column.  Dick concluded, “As for Joan and me, the poet Luci Shaw defines the terrain: ‘Forgive the cells / that float and fly. / They’ve done so well. /And so have I.’”

Now retired, RICHARD W. TEAFORD ’61 B.D. and his wife Anne are enjoying life with time for travel, including visits with their four children in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Tennessee.  To celebrate Dick and Anne’s 50th wedding anniversary, their children provided them with a week at Lake Tahoe, CA.  “The special treat was having all of them and their families with us.”  Tai Chi, swimming, and mentoring the Yale Club’s Bulldogs in the Bluegrass keep them busy when Dick and Anne are at home in Louisville, KY.

W. BREWSTER WILLCOX ’61 B.D., ’71 S.T.M., after two attempts, finally retired in 2002.  While serving a congregation in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, his eighth interim placement in the United Church of Canada, Brewster and his wife Mary Ellen began a search for a community which would offer stimulation and relaxation.  They chose Muskegon, “Michigan’s best kept secret,” where their home is “a block from a gorgeous Lake Michigan beach.”  The city offers excellent museums and an outstanding symphony orchestra.  Brewster and Mary Ellen are involved with two congregations, Presbyterian and United Church of Christ, which “have taken us in, challenged us, and loved us.”  Brewster sometimes preaches in nearby churches and occasionally lectures on history, psychology, and physics.  He has written a brochure for the local annual CROP Walk.  Brewster and Mary Ellen have traveled to the Canadian Maritime provinces, the American Southwest, and the Outer Banks, NC.  They have also enjoyed cruises on the Caribbean and to Alaska, the latter involving a cross-country railroad trip.  Brewster reported that other highlights include visiting with family members, observing soccer games and dance recitals, hiking and sailing with grandchildren, and celebrating the electoral outcome in November 2008.  Brewster plans to attend the class reunion in 2011.

JACK WRIGHT ’61 B.D. and his wife Ailene “are healthy and have never been happier.”  Both retired, they reside on the Flathead Reservation, Mission Valley, St. Ignatius, MT.  Ailene enjoys her horses, and Jack is employed part-time by the Early Childhood Services of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  His background in developmental psychology, he noted, greatly benefits his work with 200 pre-school children.  Now writing a book about the psychology of denial, Jack seeks an accepting publisher.   


2010 Notes


Fred R. Brooks, Jr. ’61 M.Div. continues to work for health care reform and other social justice issues through several local, state, and national organizations.  He actively participates in the Democratic Party as chair of the town committee and member of the county executive committee.  Recently Fred and his wife Alice have enjoyed visits with classmates and wives, Sharon and Arthur Melius, and Judy and Bill Morrow.  Fred and Alice reside in Vestal, NY.


In recent months David E. L. Brown ’61 M.Div. and his wife Anne, whose home is in Shelburne, VT,  have visited Shaker villages in Sabbathday Lake, ME; Enfield and Canterbury, NH; and Groveland, NY, and hope to visit fourteen additional Shaker sites.  Having enjoyed travel focused upon special themes, David invites members of the Class of ’61 to take part in a seminar in 2010 to explore the Shaker movement and other utopian communities.  David wrote, “We’ve done this sort of concentrating before: during our Willa Cather year, we visited Santa Fe (Death Comes for the Archbishop), Mesa Verde (The Professor’s House), and Quebec City (Shadows on the Rock).  Mark Twain was remembered at his study and grave in Elmira, NY, and the home he built in Hartford, CT.  Does anyone else go on excursions built around particular themes?”  David’s e-address: david2brown@myfairpoint.net


In 2008 George W. Easton ’61 B.D. and his wife Ann, who reside in Essex, CT, helped to reelect “Landslide Joe” Courtney to the U.S. House of Representatives.  In 2006 Joe won his election by very few votes, one of the closest in the nation.  The 2008 victory margin was comfortable, possibly because of Barack Obama‘s candidacy.  “We contributed many times to Obama’s campaign and were … present at his inauguration and the environmental ball where Al Gore and others spoke.  Heady times!”


“Living in sunny southern California has its advantages!” wrote James G. Estes ’61 B.D. and Virginia Darneilee Estes ’63 Div., who reside in Escondido, CA.  “We have gone solar and delight in seeing the meter moving in reverse!  Coupling that with a Prius and artificial turf, we are about as ‘green’ as we can be!”


Retired from the University of Kentucky in 2000, Bettie D. Gabehart ’61 M.R.E resides in Lexington and is deeply involved in her varied interests.  The Kentucky Historical Society’s Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky claims much of her time.  She has summarized 120 interviews for internet presentation and helped to make a film entitled Living the Story: The Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky to be broadcast on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and shown in public schools.  Betty also serves as a docent at the Lexington History Museum.  Last summer she completed a photo shoot of Lexington’s downtown buildings.  Her photographs will appear on the internet with an historical sketch of the period from 1920 to the present.  An active member of the Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, Betty recalls the influence of this congregation and the Campus YWCA upon her as she chose her career in campus ministry.  In addition, she is politically active through a relatively new statewide organization: The Women’s Network - Advocates for Democratic Principles.  Betty travels extensively throughout the United States to visit family and friends.


Barlett W. Gage ’61 B.D. and his wife Faye, whose home is in Darien, CT, are parents of Michael and Christopher.  After Bart’s years of study at Yale, he enrolled in the Divinity School of The University of Chicago, planning eventually to teach at the college level and serve as a college chaplain.  In the late 1960’s, however, his father became ill and Bart assumed leadership of the family business until 1988.  In 1990, Bart was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church and has served in parishes in Connecticut.  Retired in 2008, he offers pastoral care part-time, assisting the priest at St. Andrew‘s in Stamford.  Bart offers his writings at www.fathergage.com.  His e-address is frgage@yahoo.com.


After retiring from the Council of Churches of Greater Philadelphia in 2001, C. Edward Geiger ’61 M.Div. has served several interim urban and suburban pastorates.  Ed and his wife Peggy live in Wallingford, PA and have enjoyed biking trips in Germany, France, and the United States.  In October 2008, Ed and Peggy enjoyed a bike and barge tour through eastern Holland.  They are parents of three children and have five grandchildren.


Retired after 39 years in pastoral ministry, Charles H. Harper ’61 S.T.M. is now fully engaged with his poetry.  His poems are regularly published in literary journals.  Sorting Things Out, his first book of poetry, with a preface written by Harvey Cox, was published in 2008.  Reviews of his book are available at www.amazon.com.  Charles and his wife Pat sing in the choir of the Church of the Pilgrimage in Plymouth, MA, where they reside.


William B. Huntley, Jr. ’61 B.D. noted the pride he felt as he read about the accomplishments of his classmates and other YDS graduates in the Winter 2009 issue of SPECTRUM.  “Reading the notes on our class … gave me a strong sense of pride …  Then I found myself reading the accomplishments of those in the two classes ahead and the two classes after us, whereupon I felt joy as well in their recorded accomplishments;  before the August evening had passed, I read the entire 40 pages covering the span of 71 years from the class of 1937’s Joseph Smith, who was 96 last winter, to 2008’s Ian Skoggard, who went to China to teach English.  ‘Uncle Ken’ (Latourette) would have been delighted to read that entry.  What an amazing account of the lives of so many from YDS.”  Bill teaches the Hebrew language, Hebrew Scriptures, and world religions at the University of Redlands in Redlands, CA.


Joe R. Jones ’61 B.D. retired in 2000 as Professor Emeritus of Theology and Ethics from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.  Joe had previously taught at the Perkins School of Theology in Texas, and at the Graduate Seminary of Phillips University in Oklahoma, where he also served as President of the University.  Joe and his wife Sarah celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2008 and now reside in a cabin near Fort Gibson Lake, Hulbert, OK.  He has written extensively, publishing A Grammar of Christian Faith: Systematic Explorations in Christian Life and Doctrine (two volumes) in 2002 and On Being the Church of Jesus Christ in Tumultuous Times in 2005.  In 2003 the YDS Board of Alumni Affairs recognized Joe for his many accomplishments, granting him the Alumni Award for Distinction in Theological Education.  During the 2005-06 academic year, he served as Visiting Professor of Theology at YDS.  Joe’s eldest daughter Serene Jones ’85 M.Div., who served for 17 years on the YDS faculty, is now President of Union Theological Seminary in New York City.  Daughters Serene and Kindy, now an attorney serving in the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General, were born while Sarah and Joe were at Yale.  Daughter Verity Jones ’95 M.Div., born in Texas, is currently Publisher and Editor of the journal DisciplesWorld.  Joe posts his writings at www.grammaroffaith.com and can be contacted at joerjones@hughes.net.


Alfred C. Krass’61 B.D. retired from Peace Action in 2008 and teaches in the lifelong learning programs at Temple University and Bucks County Community College.  Al wrote, "By teaching courses in poetry, American history, and occasionally Bible, I have a great opportunity to reach out to the general community, which I rarely had as a pastor.  And now some even come to my course on Jesus!"  Al and his wife Susan Bryne Krass ’62 M.A.R. reside in Levittown, PA.


Donald H. Mccord ’61 B.D. and his wife Ann, whose home is in Morristown, NJ, celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2008.  After many years in parish ministry, Don retired in 2002.  He remains active as a Preaching Elder in the Presbytery of Newton and a member of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township.  With his other responsibilities, he works part-time in Restoration Hardware and still enjoys playing sports.

F. Michael McLain’61 B.D. retired in 2003, after 36 years as a faculty member of Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, where he received an award for distinguished teaching and established a service-learning program in Memphis and Honduras.  Many of his Rhodes students distinguished themselves at YDS.  Mike and his wife Charlotte live in Basalt, CO where they enjoy the beauty of the Frying Pan River Valley.  “The fishing is great!  I serve as a teaching consultant for the Wabash Center and tutor in an ESL program.”  Mike and Charlotte exchange visits with Clarice and Charles E. Cole ’61 B.D. who live in Santa Fe, NM.  Mike also has had recent contact with Roger L. Ward ’60 B.D. who lives in New Orleans, LA.  Writing with great sensitivity, Mike affirms that his “true love” is Marisin, his granddaughter.


Arthur R. Melius ’61 M.Div. , diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years ago,  now resides in the Baptist Health Nursing Center, Scotia, NY.  Arthur enjoys visits with his wife Sharon, his three children, his grandchildren, and friends.  In June 2008 he traveled to Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, to participate in his 50th class reunion.  Arthur appreciates notes, calls, and visits.  His phone number is 518-372-4498.

William R. Morrow ’61 B.D. pursues his private practice of psychotherapy.  Bill noted his participation in a congregation which offers him latitude to explore subjects such as Communicating With the Unconscious Through Myth, Metaphor, and Ritual.  He and Judy, who live in Fort Myers, FL, are celebrating 42 years of marriage and are proud grandparents of four little ones.  Bill is “wrestling with the usual questions of mortality while trying to stay off the endangered species list.”

C. Eric Mount, Jr. ’61 S.T.M. and Truly, whose home is in Danville, KY, celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2008 by traveling to France for the eighteenth time.  Both Eric and Truly are retired from teaching at Centre College where the eldest of their ten grandchildren enrolled in Fall 2008.  Eric’s articles are frequently published.  In addition to speaking, preaching, and playing tennis, he conducts seminars on ethics for health care staff members and serves on several boards and committees.


John F. Piper, Jr. ’61 B.D. extends “sincere thanks to all who contributed to the Annual Fund on behalf of the Divinity School.”  He proposes that class members achieve a higher level of giving to YDS during the 50th anniversary of graduation.  In the sixth year of retirement from his last parish and in his third year of retirement from Lycoming College, John is currently writing a history of Lycoming College, the oldest Methodist college still connected to The United Methodist Church.  The college will observe its bicentennial in 2012.  John and his wife Margaret reside in Lycoming, PA

Lawrence J. Sehy ’61 M.Div. and his wife Kathryn, parents of two sons and grandparents of three, moved in 1997 from Illinois to Niles, MI, where Larry now lives.  After 40 years as a professional fundraiser, the final ten with the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Larry retired in 2001.  Kathy and Larry celebrated 47 years of marriage before Kathy’s death in January 2006.  Active in the ELCA and serving as a member of several boards and committees, Larry continues to volunteer his time and skills to the Church and other not-for-profit groups.


“Retirement for me is about exercising choices and options.  It’s easy to say ‘yes’ when requests come to challenge my energy, interests, and commitment to the Church,” wrote Marilyn L. Staveger ’61 M.Div.  She has been serving as Acting Academic Dean of Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO, during its dean’s sabbatical.  Marilyn teaches UCC history and polity, and last spring she co-taught a course on “Gender, Sexuality, and Alterity in the Church.”



During his final years at Yale and after graduation, W. Joel Warner, Jr. ’61 B.D. ministered to United Methodist congregations in New London, CT, Port Jefferson, NY, and Islip, NY.  In 1976 Joel enrolled in the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC, training to become a CPE supervisor.  After completing the program, Joel served for several years as a chaplain supervisor in the Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ.  In 1993 Joel began his four-year pastorate with the United Methodist congregation in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.  He joined the staff as a CPE supervisor of the Episcopal Health Services, Far Rockaway, NY, in 1997.  Returning to the parish ministry in 2000, Joel served as pastor of the Coram United Methodist Church on Long Island and “ finally retired from everything” in 2008.  Joel and Noel Koestline, also an ordained minister in The United Methodist Church, were married in 1982.  Noel and he now enjoy traveling to “all kinds of places …  I just follow my wife wherever she leads … to Mexico City, North Carolina, Block Island, the Berkshires, Maine …”  Their home is in Southold, NY.

In January 2009, David S. Wiley ’61 B.D. retired from directing African centers.  He is still Professor of Sociology and African Studies at Michigan State University and continues his research, focusing upon the African environment and human and economic development.  David recalled his experiences as campus pastor at the University of Delaware, his efforts to help improve race relations in Southern Rhodesia, his graduate studies in sociology at Princeton Seminary and Princeton University, and his research exploring the social sources of denominationalism in Zambia.  From 1968 to 1977, Dave taught sociology and directed the African center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  From 1978 until 2008, he directed the African center at Michigan State University.  Dave has been involved with university partnerships in in several African nations, with 22 MSU study abroad programs, and with many African studies students.  “Now, I have returned to sociology until 2013, continuing research on the African environment and development … in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa – and now writing on international education in U.S. universities and examining, and opposing, the new U.S. military focus on Africa.”  Dave has four sons -- a faculty member at North Carolina State, an advertising director for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a recent graduate of Grinnell College, and a student at MSU -- and six wonderful grandchildren.  David and his wife Christine reside in Lansing, MI.  Dave invites visits to these websites: www.africa.msu.edu and sociology.msu.edu/dwiley.html.  His e-address: wiley@msu.edu.