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   Rev. Paul E. Schrading '58 B.D.

   1164 Murray Hill Ave.

   Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1042

Class Notes

To the Class of 1958: 

Here are some of the brief notes from class members I have received. Some of the responses were longer.  I will keep them for the response info that will be prepared for out 50th reunion next year.  Remember that our reunion will be held at YDS October 13-16, 2008.  I hope we can have a large gathering of our class.


                                                              Paul Schrading

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2008, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.



Notes from 2008


“Surprise!” Harry Applewhite ’58 B.D. found creation’s wonder serving four UCC churches, on conference staff, in the national Washington justice office and in writing two books. God’s wonder came in the fight for justice and in personal tragedy, such as being a single dad with three small children. God brought Merrily and her two sons into his life! Still growing after 12,121 wakeup lattes. He finds God’s wonder everywhere as he hikes and advocates and interprets the arts in retirement Seattle.


Donald Brown ’58 B.D. is a retired Presbyterian (USA) minister and currently a member of Denver Presbytery. Donald has led a wonderful, and successful life, full of variety. He is a part-time volunteer chaplain at Kindred Acute Care Hospital and has been married to Betty Hatch, from Bucknell, for 57 wonderful years. They have four children and two grandchildren.


Park Dickerson’s ’58 B.D., ’65 S.T.M. ministry began in 1960 as pastor of two rural, Virginia Baptist Churches. In 1964 he joined the United Church of Christ. From 1965-71, Park was pastor of the United Church of Johnson, VT. He was pastor of the church of Christ at Darmouth College in Hanover, NH from 1971-82. Then he became senior minister of the First congregational Church of Montclair, NJ. He retired in 2000.


Upon graduation from YDS in 1958, J.K. Donnell ’58 Div. began a career in the Presbyterian Church (USA), which took him through calls to two parishes and to the Pittsburgh Presbytery staff. He retired in 1997 and in 2002 his first wife and he moved to a continuing care retirement community just a few miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. They enjoyed their retirement and looked forward to many more happy years. However, “Babs” died very suddenly in January 2004. On December 30, 2006, J.K. married Sara “Sally” Clouser Oates, and they are enjoying their new life together.


John English ’58 M.Div. went into college teaching after graduating from YDS and earning a Ph.D. at Vanderbilt. He spent most of his career at Baker University, a United Methodist school located in Baldwin City, KS. He has published a number of articles on John Wesley, his major research interest, and read papers on Wesley to conferences held in this country and abroad. John’s wife, Evonne, is a painter and printer maker. He and Evonne have traveled widely and enjoy collecting art.


Bruce Ergood ’58 M.R.E. writes, “As citizens in an imperialist military nation, we are probably called to be ‘square pegs in a round hole.’ Thank you Jon” Bruce is an advocate of the Quaker thinking, “be still and open to the spirit.”


Hugh Flesher ’58 B.D., an Episcopal Priest, spent four years at Yale Graduate School, three in full-time church posts, four teaching in seminaries, 31 years of college chaplaincy coupled with part-time faculty posts and ten years in retirement in Northampton, MA. He has been married for 43 wonderful years, and has two exceptional children, and three adorable grandchildren.


Floyd C. Frisch ’58 Berkeley now has five grandchildren and is still working as full-time owner of a law firm. He served eight years as Chancellor Dioceses El Camino Real, CA and for 37 years as associate priest.


Franklyn ‘Bud’ Hayes ’58 B.D. remembers Jim Gustafson saying that all the issues boiled down to the difference between Troeltsch and Barth. In one, the danger of historicism, in the other, fideism. He has found Hans Frei’s book to be helpful in recovering a biblical narrative not beholden to criteria that are extrinsic to scripture or captive to the reactionary forces of the theological right. The “Yale School” has served the class well.


 Bob Hull ’58 M.Div. writes, “May we remember gratefully the lives of Barry Schuttler and Clay Bell, his two closest seminary friends.” Bob’s most profound calling was the Civil Rights movement. Opting into the Black church experience with full energy meant opting out of the lives of most of his classmates. He and his wife rejoice in new post-retirement challenges apply in the insight of Robert A.J. Gagnon from his book, The Bible and Homosexual Practice.


Robert Hyatt ’58 B.D. writes, “Given our penchant for centering our lives in ourselves, an important question is: Will sacrificial love prevail?” It’s a question about which Robert and his classmates have prayed, preached and taught these many years. “The odds seem formidable.” On a more modest level, as a result of his experience as a son, brother, husband, father, friend, ministers, teacher, and child therapist, he is now convinced that words, embodied with love, and spoken in good faith by person worthy of trust, can be life giving.


Their three children and spouses, and four grandchildren hosted Fran and Frank Johnson ‘58 M.Div. for a week on Monhegan Island, ME (where they had spent their honeymoon) to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, late July 2008.


Bill ’58 B.D. and Beulah Jones ’58 M.R.E. have taken retirement as seriously as they engaged in their work form 1958-96, and are well enough to enjoy its varied blessings. All four of their offspring are carrying on their parents’ vocations in community (social services), seminary (Presbyterian USA), and church (United Methodist, PCUSA, Roman Catholic) with enthusiasm and gratifying success.


Jean and Paul Minus ’58 B.D. are in their fourth year at Pilgrim Place retirement community, with Paul heading a venture to honor the memory and continue the legacy of longtime Pilgrims Davie and Joy Napier (napierinitiative.org).


Lydia Notar Morrow ’58 M.R.E. writes, “My life is best summarized by three themes: Gratitude, Grace and Growth.” Lydia is grateful for good health and security, for her husband, John, their ministry in the UCC, their two daughters, and a rewarding mini-career as an educator in a private art museum. God’s given grace and strength during John’s untimely death from brain cancer and wisdom to cope with her daughters debilitating illness. Lydia has experienced an inward metamorphosis since ’97, enabling her to grow into a stronger woman of faith and enjoy a revitalized new chapter in her life.


After 37 years as “Minister of the Parish” of the Baptist Church in Noank, CT, James Pratt ’58 B.D. and his wife Nancy moved to London in 2001. (nancyandjim@btinternet.com). They are active “AngloBaptoPresbytes” in their local Church of England parish church. Nancy is a Pastoral Assistant and James preaches, serves on the Parish Council and chairs the Outreach and Churchyard Committees. The have two guest rooms – come and visit!


After 57 years of service in the United Methodist church, Kenneth ’58 B.D. and Marya Rodgers have finally retired. The years include college and seminary service. Kenneth’s autograph collection now includes all the presidents and keeps on growing. Their sons, Thomas and John, are both well. Thomas is married and has one daughter, Olivia (12). John is single and suffers from mental illness. Robert, their first son was killed in an accident at the age of 23. Kenneth is still singing and Marya has been the perfect wife for 50 years. “God is good and merciful.”


Notes from 2007


James K. Donnell ’58 B.D. has recently remarried.  On December 30, 2006 he and Sara Oates were married in Pittsburgh.  His first wife “Babs” was with him at the YDS 45th reunion.  She died very suddenly on Jan 10, 2004.  Jim’s new wife is the daughter of a Lutheran pastor and has been active in ELCA circles in Ohio and beyond.  They hope to attend the 50th reunion together.


Bruce Ergood ’58 M.R.E. has been retired for five years from his position as professor of sociology at Ohio University.  In 2005 he was a Rotary Foreign Teaching Scholar in Tucumin, Argentina, where he had also been a Fulbright professor.  He and his wife Jane continue to visit the Episcopal Church in Honduras, training local mountain villagers.  In April and October 2006 they initiated and completed 2 week-long workshops and plan to return to Honduras in October 2007. They celebrated 56 years of marriage and are both well.

Justo Gonzales ’58 S.T.M., ’60 M.A., ’61 Ph.D. is married to the Rev. Dr. Catherine Gunsalus Gonzales, Professor Emerita of Church History at Columbia Theological Seminary.  They have a daughter, two granddaughters, and a great-grandson.  During most of the last 30 years he has been writing and publishing and working on the improvement of theological education for US Latinos/as. This fall Cambridge University Press will publish his 100th book.

Jim Hammerlee ’58 M.Div. spent five years with the Church of Pakistan (1960-65).  For more than 26 years he was on Bucknell University’s student life staff, including the chaplaincy.  Since 1996 he and his wife Betty have been residing at the Wesbury Retirement Community in Meadville, PA.  Their home-base each summer is the Chautauqua Institution in western NY. Two of their four children were born in Pakistan.  Jim and Betty now have four grandchildren.


Duane Holm ’58 B.D. retired in 2006 as director of the Metropolitan Religious Coalition of Cincinnati.

Tom Hopkins ’58 B.D., ’59 M.A., ’62 Ph.D. completed his studies in comparative religion under Norvin Hein.  He then taught religious studies at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where he retired in 1996.  He and his wife Fran have enjoyed traveling, some with their grandchildren.  In 1998-99 he spent six months in Oxford as director of academic affairs for the new Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Frank Johnson ’58 M.Div. is mostly retired but still works part time with the UCC Conference in southern California, advising the committee on ministry.  He retired from pastoral ministry five years ago after serving two churches in California.  He has also worked as a marriage and family therapist.  He and his wife Fran (DuBose) have three children and four grandchildren.  They plan to attend the 50th reunion next year.

Dan Joyce ’58 M.Div. and his wife Bea live in Houston, TX, only 30 miles from their family.  They enjoy seeing their granddaughters frequently.  They spend much of their summer in the Black Mountains with family enjoying the cool weather.  He and his wife are active members of the South Main Baptist Church, teaching and working with the diaconate.

Paul Schrading ’58 B.D. is enjoying retirement with his wife Carolynn.  In their blended family they have six children and ten grandchildren.  His first wife Barbara, who spent the year 1957-58 at YDS, died in Jan 1997.  He and Carolynn were married in 1999.  They have enjoyed travels and visits in the US, Europe and the Holy Land.  In the summer of 2007 they shared in family reunions, a family wedding in the Finger Lakes and a trip to the Canadian Rockies.