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Class Notes

Welcome to 1954's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2009, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.



2010 Notes


Donald L. Berry ’54 S.T.M. retired 1994 as Harry Emerson Fosdick Professor of Philosophy and Religion Emeritus, Colgate University. He continues occasionally to supply parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. Two recent books published: Through a Glass Darkly: The Ambiguity of the Christian Tradition, and Holy Words and Holy Orders.


Richard Boeke ’54 had is book, God Is No Thing, published this past year. His book closes with the sermon he gave on Michael Servetus in the birthplace of Servetus, which is now a museum in Villanueva, Spain. He and his wife live in England with regular visits to their daughters and grandchildren in Virginia. “Life willing,” We will be participating in the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne in December.


Norma and Dick Bucey ’54 B.D. are well but have slowed down. Dick is still biking and enjoys concert music at nearby Blossom Center and drama at the Cleve Playhouse. The two try to spend quality time, including vacations, with their children and family. Dick was named the “Adjunct Pastor” of their local church. Dick is on the Akron YMCA Foundation Board, and active in the summer camp mission and programming. (It’s the same camp I attended as a kid from 1938 to ’47). Come and see us: we’re always good for an overnight.


Edward C. Elliott ’54 M.Div. spent 40 years in the Pastorate, Social Work Administration and Therapy. During the past 15 years he and his wife have enjoyed focusing on their two sons, their families, and continuing education and voluntarism. Elliott and his wife Gay of 56 years have found fulfillment in Travel Elderhostel, and their membership with the Congregation of Duke University Chapel. It was fun doing door-to-door canvassing for Obama. They were fortunate these experiences continue to enrich their lives.


Donald Farley ’54 B.D. and Martha have just sold their house in Evanston where they’ve lived for the last 40 years, and will soon move into an apartment in a new CCRC, happily also in Evanston. They’re both in reasonably good health, at 81 and 87 respectively, and plan to continue their engagement in family, church, and community activities. The New York Times, PBS's News Hour, and NPR help with the larger scene. Their YDS days continue to be an important memory.


Ted Gault ’54 M.Div. and Carol welcomed a seventh great grandchild to the family in August. He helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of St. Hilary’s Episcopal Church in Fort Myers in January, sang the Poulenc Gloria with the Southwest Florida Symphony in February, journeyed to Phoenix for Carol’s 52nd Nursing Class reunion in April and barely survived the gathering of 110 family and friends for a bash to celebrate Ted’s 85th birthday in May. In September they traveled to Long Island to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration of the Methodist Church built in Bayville while Ted was pastor there.


Eugene Kidder ’54 M.Div. celebrated his 80th birthday with “Poetry and Music for the Life Cycle” October ‘09. He savors ministry in the aging process. He and Barbara continue their pastoral counseling and psychotherapy practice with group therapy and couples work at a steady pace. They enjoy piano (Barbara) and trumpet (Eugene), Bonsai and garden interests, participation at University Christian Church, their four children and their families who all reside in the Seattle area.


Lou Hammann ’54 B.D. became Emeritus Professor of Religion in 1997. Then until May, 2008 he worked as an adjunct in Philosophy at Gettysburg College. In 2006 he and his wife moved into their solar home at Hundredfold Farm. This is a cooperative venture in sustainable living near Cashtown, PA. They generate more than twice their domestic electricity and recycle all of our wastewater with aquatic plants, sans chemicals. More to tell, but google their web site, hundredfoldfarm.org


Since retirement from teaching in 1993, W. Paul Jones’s ’54 B.D. pilgrimage has led to becoming ordained as a Catholic priest, making vows as a Family Brother of the Trappist Order, and creating the Hermitage Spiritual Retreat Center on Lake Pomme de Terre in southern Missouri. He lives the monastic life, writes, and does spiritual direction. -- feeling centered and very blessed.


Joseph Peacock ’54 B.D. served ecumenical campus ministries at Berea College, Northwestern, Illinois and Franklin and Marshall College. He and his wife Joyce retired to Urbana where they both enjoyed this fine university. He is a volunteer sidewalk superintendent for a seminar on building construction in the School of Architecture, and he coordinates cross-cultural programming for visiting Chinese professors with the Center for Asian Studies. Very sadly, Joyce died October 08 shortly after their 50th anniversary.

Wayne G. Rollins ’54 B.D., resides in Hartford, Connecticut, an hour’s drive from YDS, with wife, Donnalou, and with three sons and families nearby (including six grandchildren). The two see classmates Jean (McClure) Blanning and Van Parker regularly. Wayne teaches part-time at the Hartford Seminary and lectures/publishes in the field of psychology and biblical studies, most recently co-editing with D. Andrew Kille, Psychological Insight Into the Bible: Texts and Readings.

William Shirley ’54 B.D. is enjoying retirement in a “Retirement Community” 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, in town with unlikely name of Zelienople. He has found an outstanding congregation where he and his wife have found a church home. Occasionally he fills in for vacationing pastors or at congregations between pastors and not yet filled by an interim.

John Walker ’54 B.D. retired recently (for the third and final time) as Visitation Pastor at St. Paul's UMC, Kensington, MD. He writes, “So I'm sitting on the deck reading, working on my '49 Packard, and doing my share of praying for this turmoiled, mixed-up world. I look back with great fondness on my years at YDS, and even wax nostalgic as I recall pedaling that old gearless bike up Prospect St. after a night at the Institute of Human Relations. O what fun?”


Now semi-retired, Kenneth Welliver ’54 B.D. was recently recognized for his 45th year of teaching and administration at West Virginia Wesleyan College and, by default, has become the bearer of institutional memory. Otherwise, he has time for involvement in Habitat for Humanity and other church and community outreach activity. He and Mary Lee and have also been fortunate to log many gratifying travel experiences.