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Class Notes

Welcome to 1953's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

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Beverly Allen Asbury ’53 B.D. writes, “My 80th year has been marked by throat cancer, healing treatments, and recovery. Scans now find no evidence of cancer remaining.” The illness put her back in touch with several people she has known in her various ministries. That was a blessing. In August, twenty-two family members, including ten grandchildren, gathered at a Mexican Hacienda for their first reunion since 1998. “It would be nice if the survivors in the Class of 1953 could meet in such a way.”


Donald K. Campbell ’53 B.D. lives in a two-bedroom cottage in a Presbyterian retirement community he helped organize 48 years ago. He is in the midst of writing his memoirs, Surrounded. . . Run. The first volume, going up through age twelve, was published a year ago. The second, taking him through Divinity School and his Fulbright year in Scotland, is with an editor. Don is working on a third volume that will cover nineteen years in his two pastorates.


Gene Canestrari ’53 M.Div. is still serving as supply pastor for two small churches in the Presbytery of the Mid South. He has been doing this for the past 15 years! Gene enjoys activities around town.


Joel Edmonds ’53 Div. has transformed from a blond kid with a slight limp into a graying headed old man in a power wheelchair. After two years as “Minister of Education,” Edmonds served in a pastorate five years. Marriage came in 1954 to Pat Cooley. Due to family considerations, Edmonds moved to public education (MA Fresno State) and ended up as a combination Counselor and math teacher. Supply preaching, choir directing, family activities, ecumenical work, Girl scouting (family of two girls), some travel in a self-made van-conversion, etc., helped him avoid boredom.


Retirement came in 1987 when it was obvious that Pat would be in growing need of care. Edmond writes, “My post-polio syndrome was present, had I cared to look.” The two traveled occasionally until they moved to Los Osos on the central California coast where Pat could breathe far better than in the central valley of CA. In 2001, Joel gave in and Pat was moved to a Health Center in San Luis Obispo. In 2005, he moved to Judson Terrace in S.L.O. Pat died in October 2008. The power chair came in August of 2009.


Mark Follansbee ’53 B.D. writes, “The flesh weakens, the spirit soars—and glad I am to be. Marylou and I have a deepening relationship as we share an apartment in an old folks home -- independent living. My energy flows within shared leadership of Vermont Interfaith Action. Issues: Affordable Housing in Chittenden County and Health Care Reform statewide. Interfaith organizing is the way to go for Justice, building relational power in the community. YDS needs a course in Islamic Studies; Buddhism also.


Trevor A. Hausske ’53 B.D. is continuing in the eighth year of his “second retirement.” He rarely preaches – once in May at the church from which he retired in 1989. He and Marjean live in their Minneapolis home. He shovels snow, mows the lawn, vacuums and rides his Raleigh (Purchased used from Syd’s Cycle in 1949 for riding to YDS). The two enjoy their twelve grandchildren of whom one studies Arabic in Syria and another will be married in September.


Violette Lindbeck ’53 B.D. writes, “How the years roll by. After becoming an Emeritus from Southern Connecticut State, I continued Teaching at the College of Religious Studies, Mahidol U., in Thailand: mostly Buddhist students, half monks.” Retired again, Violette continues organic farming in Northern Vermont, complete with horses, and a donkey. George remains active, writing and lecturing as one of the last survivors of Vatican II. Her daughter, Kris, in the family business, teaches Judaica in Florida. “God is good. Obama brings hope. Go Well.”


Since “retiring” in ’93 from 41 years of pastoral ministry, Robert Lovell ’53 B.D. and his wife have lived in Cincinnati where he has served as parish visitor in a large United Methodist Church. He and Marilyn have been married 11 years now, are busy with children and grandchildren, in good health, and enjoying traveling and reading. They write, “Our best wishes to all YDS classmates.”

Sam Magill ’53 B.D. writes, “The past year has been an eventful one for me, passing into the ninth decade of my life in July 2008. That is a sobering event but, happily, my health is good and there is much to do to advance the Kingdom here on earth.” Sam served as Vice Chair of the local Democratic precinct in the fall and likes to believe they were successful in getting out the vote. Now, he is serving on the local YMCA board, an opportunity that takes him back to field work in the New Haven Y. May saw Sam and Eunice in Japan for the first time. He keeps in touch regularly with Bob Skeele and Paul Kaylor '54 and occasionally with Bev Asbury. Increasingly, the lives and achievements of children take on greater meaning. He and Eunice are very happy together and Same is thankful for her love and companionship.


Bob Raines ’53 B.D. still enjoys good health at 83, as does my wife Cindy. He is on the Adult Ed and Peace, Affirmation and Justice Committees of his church, and helped to create the Shoreline Institute for Lifelong Learning in Guilford-Madison. Six kids and l0 grands keep the two engaged and mostly delighted. They hope Obama gets healthcare reform done. They savor their days as they grieve the loss of friends. Raines enjoyed a great visit with Bard and Charlotte Smith, and a phone conversation with Mark Follansbee. Warm Greetings.


Wayne Sandau '53 B.D.,'87 S.T.M. Fifty-five years after graduation from YDS and 10 years after retirement, it sometimes seems like yesterday, other times he knows he has become old--and it is OK. Life continues on its quiet ways. Time to spend with family and friends, to travel, to read, to workout, and stay in touch.