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Class Notes

Welcome to 1952's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.


2010 Notes


Richard Stazesky’52 B.D. writes, “In June 2009 I was named president emeritus of The George Washington Society of Delaware after serving ten years as its president. As far as is known, it is the only such organization in the country. In October 2009 I enjoyed a one-week visit in Prague with a fellow minister. In November 2009 I published the 56th Annual YDS ’52 Class Letter.”


Bob Brashares '52 B.D. attended his grandson, Nathan’s, wedding in Sebastopol, CA at the family estate of his Best Man, Ryder Strong (star of TV's "Boy Meets World"). The wedding and festive dinner for a multitude of in-laws and outlaws was a happy celebration. In July 2009 July Bob’s wife Lucinda fell out by their swimming pool. It caused a badly sprained wrist, and hairline fractures of the pelvis. The various doctor visits and Bob’s being the care-giver wiped out July. Happily Lucinda recovered and is almost 100% now.


Kenneth Crandall‘52 B. D. and his wife Esther celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary with a three-day get-together with all their children and grandchildren at the Canyon Lodge of McCormack's Creek State Park in Indiana (the same place they had spent their honeymoon).


Dewitt T. Farabee, Jr’52 B.D., ’64 S.T.M. and his wife Ann celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary on July 2nd. They have enjoyed stays at Sanibel Island and St. George Island on the Florida Coast. The two attend “The January Adventure” on St. Simon Island, SC, and attended Stetson University Pastor School. Dewitt enjoys singing with 28 men at Stetson U. Elderhostel and other groups. He plays tennis, teaches a SS class each week and shares in a book discussion group. Ann is his social secretary.


The York Center Church of the Brethren in Lombard, IL where Ruth and Warren F. Groff ’52 B.D. are members, recently adopted this commitment: to reduce their CO2 footprint by 80% by 2050; to develop a broad plan as to how this goal is to be achieved; and to formulate a set of calculations on such estimated specific actions as insulating the sanctuary roof, new windows, and interior insulation of the walls.

Henry V. Harman’52 B.D. attended his granddaughter’s graduations: Julia Harman-Brown from Community College, Troy, NY. She will go on to SUNY, Albany; Abby Cember from Montgomery Blair High, Silver Spring, MD which Hank attended 1938-40. Abby goes to U. of Maryland this fall but first is spending seven weeks with family in Kazan, Russia. Hank and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Richmond with Peene still on Alzheimer’s “plateau”. Hank’s 84th birthday was on the Appalachian Trail in Berkshires with two sons and one grandson. Rain, mosquitoes and age caused early exit.


Since Margaret died 2 years ago Al Inglis'52 B.D. has been living alone in the house they planned together and had their son build next to Al’s runway. He gave his ultralight airplane to their flying club "WingNuts", and is learning to fly a Powered ParaGlider at age 86. Being concerned about the ecology for a lifetime Al only drives his electric GEM car in town and his Prius for longer trips


After serving in three small town or rural mission settings, Robert J. Kasper '52 B.D. and his wife Shirley came to serve the First Congregational Church, UCC, in Shirley's home town of Tonganoxie, KS. Bob retired in 1988 from full time service, followed by two interim, part time pastorates. In 2002 they moved to an independent living duplex at the Presbyterian Manor Retirement facility in Lawrence, KS. Shirley's health deteriorated in 2008 and they had to move to an assisted living floor at the Manor where they still reside. They will celebrated 60 years of marriage on July 10.


Phil Krug’52 B.D. went up the Danube by boat from Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague in August 2009. Hurriedly: they found all cities alike, but enjoyable. Tops: Freud’s office, coffee house, Mozart orchestra, horse racing, lounge dancing, and sightseeing. They enjoy Times Square theatre and regional at Penguin at Stony Point., NY. Two VT four-day stays. 4 kids, 9 g-kids, 2 cats. Bethany Beach, DE. 5 day delight. Older, bolder, still kicking. Lee therapist. Phil as ECA priest proud of their LGBT hold.


Chester E. Miller ’52 B.D. and his wife Pat completed five years of retirement in May of this year. They are in reasonably good health, given the fact that they are both cancer survivors (Pat, breast; Chet, prostate). They’re basking in the afterglow of President Obama’s election. Chester has some satisfaction that working in McComb, MS in September 1964 in voter registration had some small impact on that happy result!


Ted Nace '52 B.D. attends Men's Breakfast each week at the church and appreciates the home care Lovina receives from Hospice. One of their daughters, Martha Johnson (SOM '79) was nominated by President Obama in April and unanimously recommended in June by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs to be on the broad Cabinet as Administrator of the General Service Administration. She awaits Senate confirmation.


Win Nelson’52 B.D. writes, “Today is Bastille Day. 35 years ago today I received a cadaver kidney transplant at Hartford Hospital (1974). By the grace of God, the love of a wonderful wife, Lynn, and great support from family and friends everywhere, I am fully alive and grateful. Our three years in this pleasant retirement community (RiverMead of Peterborough, NH) continue to be full indeed. I supply preach in local churches just about every other week. Lynn enjoys gardening and watercolor painting.”


In June 2008 Roger S. Nicholson ’52 B.D. attended the Jesus Seminar at Santa Rosa, CA, an informative week. It was good to connect with classmate Fran Geddes. The summer of ’08 Roger served as Acting Conference Minister for the Penn West Conference of the United Church of Christ. In the Summer of ’09 he did sabbatical coverage for a pastor while she was on leave. Serving as YDS Class Agent has been enjoyable and meaningful. Support the Annual Fund.


Notes from 2008


In March 2008, Robert Cuttino ’52 B.D. had the pleasure of helping constitute Sea Island Chapel of Hilton Head; his tenth new church start. Eight of these were while serving as pastor of a mother church and the last two the results of post retirement efforts. All ten are still functioning in Williston, Lake City and Beaufort, SC. Last year in Beaufort, Hillary Barnwell, beloved and highly respected director of Beaufort County (and Hilton Head) libraries, died after setting up one of the state’s best library systems. She was assistant librarian at Yale Divinity School under Dr. Morris years. The visionary who launched Hilton Head as one of the world’s great resorts was a Yale graduate, Charles Frasier. There are three YDS grads in Beaufort-Hilton Head that Robert’s been able to locate.


Billye and Joe Elmore ’52 B.D. sold their home in San Diego in November 2007 and moved to a retirement facility, The Kenwood, in Minneapolis, just 20 minutes from their daughter and family in Saint Paul. The two are enjoying the art and music and drama in the Twin Cities – Joe won't mention or write of the weather, especially compared to San Diego. 


Dewitt Farabee ’52 B.D., ’64 S.T.M. attended January Adventure at St. Simons Island., GA and heard Barbara Brown Taylor and Walter Brueggemann speak. Dewitt will attend Stetson Pastors’ School to hear Charles Kimball, David Bartlett, Mary Katherine Cunningham, and Brian Wren and attended Brevard Musical performances and theatre performance at Flat Rock Theatre in North Carolina. Dewitt sings with a group of men called “Great Expectations” for Elderhostels at Stetson University and other places when a good program is needed.

Esther and Paul Hammer ’52 B.D. celebrated Paul’s 60 years in ministry with musical events in Germany, Austria, and Hungary from Munich to Budapest: organs, solo trumpet, brass choir, chorus, ballet, opera, and the World Choir Games in Graz, Austria with 450 choirs from 93 countries. A special treat was the reunion with his 1952-53 Heidelberg University roommate, who became the Lutheran Bishop of Austria. Paul’s ministry began in Beaver Crossing, NE in 1948.

In July, Henry ‘Hank’ Harman ’52 M.Div. hiked more of the Tuscarora Trail in Pennsylvania with his son and daughter. Nights were spent in a cabin but hiking included some very rough, rocky trail. Later, his other daughter and one granddaughter went to wedding of a grandnephew in the Berkshires. June had included Exeter '42 "mini-reunion" at Williamsburg, UCC Conference annual meeting, and the Kirby (Peene's) family reunion in Georgia. Peene is still on her Alzheimer's "plateau" and Hank works some for St. John's UCC.


In December Alan Inglis ’52 B.D. sang in the Civic Theater musical “Home for the Holidays.” This April he was sent to Iran, by his Quaker Meeting, with his family and 19 other Quakers sponsored by “Neighbors East and West”. They went to do what they could to counter the rhetoric of President Bush. They were wonderfully received and discovered that not all Iranians are radical Muslims. At one lunch the group even held hands and had a few moments of “Quaker” silence before eating. Alan prays that we do not bomb any of these wonderful, friendly people.


Jack Kingsbury ’52 B.D. is living in a retirement village in Connecticut, providing unlimited cultural opportunities, he also serves the village as a volunteer. Jack is considered an adjunct minister of the First Congregational Church in Wallingford, as such he coordinates their worship services, organizes church picnics among church members within the village, visits new residents, and calls on village folks who are hospitalized. This summer Jack’s family spent a week at an Episcopal retreat center in Wyoming.


Philip Krug ’52 B.D spent five years as priest associate at Christ Church, Hackensack. For eight years the chaplain visits twice monthly at Plaza (assisted living) in Park Ridge, with nursing, rehab, and Alzheimer’s care. Philip’s wonderful wife, Lee, continues as therapist, with 16 or so patients. Their four children and nine grandchildren get visits. The two traveled to Vermont for regional theatre and took a 12-day Danube cruise in September. He was co-class agent with Hal Shorrock ’52 B.D. for 2006-07.


William May ’52 B.D. held the Chair in American History and Ethics at the Library of Congress (Fall, 2007), concluding with a public lecture there on "Containing Runaway Fear in American Foreign Policy." Professor Mario del Pero (University of Bologna) has prepared it for publication in Italian. William lectured at SMU, Texas A&M, and Samford University (Pellagrino Medal), Spring, 2008, and gave the address for the Memorial Service, Princeton University, Class of ’48, 60th Reunion, on "The Courage of Attack and the Courage of Endurance."


This has been the year to handle some medical matters for Chester Miller ’52 B.D. Pat had breast cancer surgery, fortunately in the earliest stages. Progress is good. There will come radiation therapy. Chester had a toe removed which over the years had become warped by a “hammer toe” and have recovered from that and some further minor surgery. Twenty of Chester’s relatives from around the country helped him celebrate his 80th birthday in December. A real high point!


Anne Austin Murphy ’52 B.D. now lives at Westminster Shores continuing care retirement community on Tampa Bay in St Petersburg, FL. She is still independent. Anne volunteers primarily as an Elder at her Presbyterian congregation, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Beth El Farmworker Ministry and represents that board on the Council of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay. Because she is a theologically-educated layperson, not a minister, she has had many fascinating assignments over 30 years at all levels of the Presbyterian Church (USA). As for political science, Anne can focus on policies and systems, but that doesn't distract her dismay about current governing and her apprehension about the future.


Benn and Beth Owens ’52 B.D. celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in July 2008.


Since retiring from the national staff of the United Church of Christ, James Smith Jr. ’52 B.D. has completed interim pastorates at six different UCC churches, the most recent being in Woodstock, VA. James was at YDS this past summer for the first time in many years for one of the excellent weeklong courses.

Richard Stazesky ’52 B.D. was part of an Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) group that traveled to Australia August 2-17 to meet with staff and alumni of Australian National University in regard to alumni relations. Many Australian colleges and universities do not have well developed alumni relations programs as Yale does. This inaugural Alumni Leadership Exchange Program exchange was entitled Sharing Traditions 2008. In April 2008 Dick was named pastor emeritus by his home church, which he served in 2002-03. In January 2008 he published the 55th consecutive YDS ’52 Annual Class Letter.

Health this year took a great deal of my time and whitenerenergy for Barbara and Sterling Whitener ’45 M.Div., ’52 S.T.M. Sterling’s PSA rose during the past year so he undertook the drastic steps of preparing for radiation. The two have enjoyed several other trips during the year. They managed to get to Raleigh, Wilmington, Athens, GA, and New York to visit their busy offspring. Immediately after the reunion at YDS, at the invitation of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, they attended a gathering in Boston of about 40 missionaries who had served on the island since WWII. Barbara and Sterling had been asked to help the Tainan Theological College in 1984-1986. She taught English while he set in place a Social Work curriculum, teaching a variety of subjects. Sterling also traveled several hours by train once a week to teach a graduate course in Gerontology at the School of Social Work at Tunghai University in Taichung. Both are determined to use their mountain cabin for as long as they are physically able, but they do know they will need to take the three hour bus ride when they no longer drive the hundred miles each way. The cabin provides the opportunity to have a good long visit on the vacation schedules of their family members. Now that the grandchildren are growing up, this does seem a bit easier to do.