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Class Notes

Welcome to 1950's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.


2010 Notes


Bill Baird ’50 B.D. and his wife, Shirley, Fort Worth, TX, celebrated their 63rd anniversary on June 21. Bill has had a variety of medical concerns recently, most notably a hip replacement on July 14. His was complicated by existing bone damage so that recovery was slower than usual. He is now out of a 3-week stay in a rehab center after extensive therapy. Volume 3 of his History of New Testament Research will bring the long story of the development of historical critical work into the last half of the 20th century. He hopes it will be nearly complete by the time of the 60th reunion next year.


Paul Barnes ’50 S.T.M noted that while it is many years since graduation, he is still going to school and carries a Lasell College Student I. D. He lives in Lasell Village, a retirement community on the campus in Newton, MA. There he takes courses regularly, three terms a year. He no longer does any preaching but serves as a deacon in his UCC Church and sings in the choir. He taught a course there on religious denominations called, “So Many Churches- What’s the Difference?”


Bob Bates ’50 M.Div. is still in Cleveland, Ohio, his life complicated by his wife, Jane’s, needing a live-in helper provided by a special care company. Hers, from Ghana, Africa, helps with feeding, cleaning, laundry and her personal care. Bob is thus able to serve as Parish Associate of the Old Stone Church (Presbyterian) where his main work is teaching adult church school class, and welcoming the visitors at morning worship and coffee hour. He is still an active Rotarian, and for fun bowls twice a week and golfs when it doesn’t rain. In November of 2008 he had quadruple by-pass surgery and is doing fine at 90.


Jerry Jud ’50 Div., after receiving his PhD served as a pastor for 15 years in the West Haven United Church. Sadly his first wife, Esther Stuermer, YDS ‘44, drowned in 1961. He next served as head of Evangelism for the newly formed United Church of Christ. Following that he founded Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center focused on training in the art of loving and development of consciousness. Later he founded Timshel, a Retreat and Study Center devoted to the experience and study of mysticism. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday and now lives in Montrose, PA with his second wife, Georgeanne, a surrealistic artist.


Donald Bishop ’50 M.Div. retired in 1991 after 31 years teaching the course in religion offered by the Washington State University Philosophy Department. He and his wife have done quite a bit of traveling in a motor home and now go to Arizona (from Pullman, WA) in the winter months. His chief hobbies are gardening, bike riding, planting trees and writing letters to newspapers criticizing the wars the US is fighting.  He also writes articles for journals, the most recent being “Wars Begin in the Minds of Men.”


Carol Rose Ikeler ’50 B.D. remains in Louisville, KY in a Presbyterian senior center. However she travels every summer to Ghost Ranch for several weeks to take part in their rich program. There she usually invites grandchildren to join her. In the winters she remains very active in her Presbyterian church there between trips to New Haven where she continues to serve on the Alumni Board.

George Tolman ’50 B.D. is still active in the First Christian Church in Tucson, AZ, singing in the choir. Las year he published his book, “Tales, Trails, Trials and Triumphs,” memoirs of a western 20th century preacher. He is still involved with Habitat for Humanity in his area which has built 280 houses in the last 20 years. He and his wife, Janet, still do some hiking and fly fishing, often in Montana. He is in quite good health, in spite of the aches and pains that come along with aging.


Dick Smith ’50 M.Div. and Harriet Van Riper ’49 M.Div. recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. He finds it difficult to realize that he is starting his 25th year of retirement. His current involvements include being President of Front Desk Florence (OR), a subscription concierge service designed to keep seniors in their homes as long as feasible. One telephone call to the desk, and it can produce any service from shopping to home maintenance, or a 24 hour care giver. It is patterned after a similar one but they developed the concept independently. He was selected as “poster child” for the annual Lane (County) Coalition of Senior Services program “Honoring Older Americans 2009” who are “Capturing the Oregon Spirit.”


Ted Weber ’50 B.D. has been Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) since 1977. In 1999 he served as Visiting Professor in Chinese University of Hong Kong and in 2001 published his latest book, Politics in the Order of Salvation: Transforming Wesleyan Political Ethics. He has lectured on ethics and international politics in Emory’s senior citizen programs. In 2008 he was honored with the Heilbrun Distinguished Emeritus Professor Fellowship. He and his wife, Mudie, visited East Belfast Methodist Mission and were impressed with their astonishing work promoting reconciliation in N. Ireland. They often visit offspring in LA and TX. However his next book War, Peace and Reconciliation, has been delayed by his spinal fusion surgery this year.


Macy Whitehead ’50 B.D. remains in Bath, ME where he has spent a great deal of time caring for his wife, Edie, who suffers from a variety of age related conditions. Recently he has wisely found some part time care giving help which has freed him to take part in activities which he has always enjoyed including Scotch country dancing. He has also resumed an active role in his Quaker congregation. After World War II Macy was part of a Quaker youth reconstruction program in Italy. Some years ago a university researcher realized that nothing had been written about this kind of volunteer work. Through a reunion with his group, he was invited to return to the village where he had served to find the work that they had done, gone. However the villagers still cherished the memories of those contacts. A small group of villagers later moved to Montreal. They invited Macy to come for their 50th anniversary there. He was again thanked and honored because he was one who had given them hope for the future.


Dodie Younger ’50 M.Div. continues to live in a retirement community in Maplewood, NJ where she is centrally located among her four children and ten grandchildren who she sees frequently. She is active on committees there as well as participating in the life of the Glen Ridge Congregational Church. This summer her family all gathered to celebrate their 50 years as part of the summer community in Sorrento, ME, and her 85th birthday. Just before going there she had been part of a ten day tour to Newfoundland as the only non-Canadian in the group- a fabulous place to visit with warm and caring people. She urges as many of the class of 1950 as possible to return to the campus in the fall of 2010 for our 60th reunion!


Notes from 2008


Bill Baird’s ’50 B.D. first reaction to the request for news: "I don't have any."  But after reflection, Bill decided that even being able to respond, at he and his wife’s ages (84, 82), is news of some sort. The couple did have a crisis in December, when Shirley had to have emergency abdominal surgery.  After some days in ICU, the hospital and rehab, she regained her health and is back to normal. Bill continues to work on the third volume of his History of New Testament Research (Fortress Press), and believes he is about half way finished.


Jane and Bob Bates ’50 M.Div. “exist with the help of a live-in caretaker.” Jane is confined to a wheel chair. Bob works as a parish-associate at the Old Stone church in Cleveland, OH. He also participates in the Rotary Club, on the Parma community hospital health Care Foundation Board and is on a bowling team. The two attend church on Sunday and remain as active as possible. If you’re in Cleveland, phone: 440.886.2484


Donald Bishop ’50 M.Div. retired form the Washington State University Philosophy Department in 1991. He and his wife are in Phoenix, AZ during the winter. Donald teaches some in a community college. His latest essay, titled “Wars Begin in the Minds of Men,” was published in the journal of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India.


After a good recovery from a 2004 heart attack and nearly 5 years of living at a co-housing community in Sacramento, CA, E. Julius Davis ’50 B.D. received an unexpected e-mail from New Zealand in February 2007. The e-mail was from a church choir director, Carolyn, an acquaintance of Davis from the 1970s. The email resulted in their wedding on October 27. Davis now preaches occasionally at the Union Church (Presbyterian/Methodist) in Picton, New Zealand. He shares that the north end of the South Island is truly a garden spot in which to live and that visitors are welcome!


Dodie Younger ’50 M.Div. continues to play an active role in her retirement community, and as a new member of the United Church of Christ. She was thrilled to attend Synod last June. She expects to take off in June 2008 for an Elderhostel trip to Iceland, and then on to Sorrento, ME for the balance of the summer. Younger and Carol Rose Ikeler ’50 B.D., who has been on the Yale Alumni Council these last few years, felt privileged to attend the annual Fall Convocation and hope to be able to do it again. She felt that the worship, the lectures, and the fellowship were immeasurable.