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   Rev. William Randolph Sengel '49
'50 S.T.M.

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Class Notes

Welcome to 1949's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.


2010 Notes


Sengel Scholar Irene Berita Murimi of Kenya wrote this year of her appreciation for making possible her M.A.R. with a Concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

David Rowand ’49 M.Div. and his wife Eleanor send their best and God’s richest blessings to all of their YDS classmates now and through the coming years.

  William Sengel ’49 B.D., ’50 S.T.M writes, “What a joy in retirement to have this fresh reminder that our Old Presbyterian Meeting House parish in Alexandria, VA gave Yale Divinity lifetime funds for the William and Marian Sengel Scholarships for students from around the world. As recipient Irene Berita Murimi said in Kiswahili, ‘Asante Sanda,’ so we say to YDS for the nurture of our sixty years of ministry!”


Notes from 2008


Robert H. Bryant ’49 M.Div., in his retirement home, Plymouth Harbor in Sarasota, FL, is writing a memoir. Bryant also serves as President of the Sarasota Campus Ministry Association Board of Directors and has an educational website. He also has four grandchildren, two step-grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Jimmy Budd ’49 B.D. is 86 and working the same as ever, though he retired at 70 as required by the United Methodist Church. Budd shares that Union Hill was about to fold when he asked the bishop to let him take it and see what he could do. To the lone little sanctuary, they added the steeple, fellowship hall, four Sunday School rooms, and a Children’s annex where they will hold pre-school classes for 40 children three days a week. He has been fairly active as a church builder. He pastored four churches in Augusta and St. John in Atlanta, all of them new. He spent five years as a pastor of Marietta, which had dropped from 4,000 members to 2,500, but within his five years was up to 5,500. The bishop then asked Budd to go to North Springs, a church only four years old, but which two ministers had not been able to build. They built a new church from scratch to $3,000,000, paid for with 1,000 members. He now is in an 85 year old sanctuary, which is the church’s fourth. He writes that the sanctuaries’ fire and tornado and termite-ridden history could make a book, except that perhaps nobody would believe it.


Robert M. Cox ’49 Div. recently celebrated his 90th birthday with eighteen family members, including his sons Bob and Alan, and three grandchildren. In spite of some memory-loss, he enjoys life at his home at Tryon Estates Retirement-Life Community in Columbus, NC, where he has lived for the past fifteen years with his wife of thirty-nine years, Eleanor. 



After retiring as Associate Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights, Reid Isaac ’49 B.D. spent ten years organizing and chairing the Cleveland Ecumenical Institute for Religious Studies which brought together teachers from local colleges and universities with lay persons from a wide variety of protestant and Catholic congregations. During the same period, Reid served as a volunteer with the Cleveland Board of Education’s GED program tutoring adults in writing. He continued mentoring an Education for Ministry Group, the University of the South’s four-year program of theological education for laypersons, which he retired from after 22 seasons. Reid entered the Judson Retirement Community in Cleveland in 1999 and continues to participate in church activities, attend the Cleveland Orchestra and spend summers in Ashfield, MA across the Mohawk Trail from his friends Dot and Dick Gary ’51 B.D. He sold his house in Massachusetts in 2003, because driving those miles was not something Dick wanted to do any more, but he exercises in the Judson Pool (three flights up) three times a week and is developing his bridge game and a new set of friends. He’ll spare you the organ recital, but at 82 he is surprisingly alive and continually grateful for those life-changing years at YDS. Reid is not sure he’ll make it to the 60th reunion, but he’ll think about it.


Eleanor and David Rowand ’49 M.Div. celebrated rowandtheir 60th wedding anniversary on June 5, 2008. David and Eleanor pastored churches in Vermont, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan. After retirement in 1984, they did nine stints as interim pastors in Alabama, West Virginia, and Florida, where they retired. They have one daughter, Deborah, who is married and lives in Atlanta, GA. Eleanor is still recovering from a year of serious surgeries and uses a walker to get around. Rowand is still doing well health-wise and hopes to be around as long as the Good Lord allows him to be with his beloved wife and family. He keeps classmates in his thoughts and prayers.