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Welcome to 1942's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

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Notes from 2007


Robert H. Ayers ’42 B.D. retired from The University of Georgia over ten years ago, but was able to maintain an office in the Department of Religion, writing and teaching part time until 2006. His book, The Bible and Contemporary Theology: The Quest for Truth and Relevance was published last year by Edwin Mellen Press. Married on September 4th, 1941, he and Mrs. Ayers studied at YDS during his last year there and just celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. They enjoy reading, visiting with friends, and playing many types of games, including bridge and billiards. They still live in Athens, GA, the home of the University.


William Barndt ’42 B.D. moved in 2005 with hisbarndt wife Laura and son Van to Oakleaf Seniors Village in Columbus, OH.  Starting in February 2005, William has participated in Central Ohioans for Peace weekly programs and peace demonstrations.  In May 2007, he encouraged the formation of the Central Ohio Darfur Solidarity Network that plans to bring a Central Ohio resident’s mother from Sudan to Columbus.  In November 2007 the Network hosts Save Darfur Coalition’s “Voices from Darfur.”  He and Laura have four other children – Mike, a retired professor in urban studies and computer programming; Deborah, a professor of women studies and environmental concerns; Kathy, an occupational therapist; and Beth, a nurse with cardiac specialty.


 Tracey K. Jones ’42 B.D., at the age of 90, lives with Junia at Plymouth Harbor, a UCC church-related retirement community, in Sarasota, FL.  The greatest gift they have living there is not the walks on the nearby shore line of the Gulf of Mexico, the weeks of sunshine, the excitement of violent thunder storms and an occasional threatened hurricane, but the daily experience of living in a diverse community of 300 women and men, all trying to live out the last years of their lives doing the best that they can to make each day worth living and doing together.  Tracey writes, “I took no courses at Yale on how to live in this surrounding, but I have found that what I learned at Yale, in very tangible ways, prepared me not only for my years as a missionary, administrator, and teacher, but has helped me think through what my priorities should be where I am today.  I assume and hope this has been your experience as well.”