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   The Reverend Winston Trever '37

   Apartment E333

   23442 El Toro Rd.

                                                Lake Forest, CA 92630-6967

Class Notes

Welcome to 1937's Class Notes page. Here you will find news from your classmates on what they've been doing since graduation.  Enjoy!

Moved? New job? Retired? Newly married? New grandchildren? Please submit your Class Notes to your Class Secretary or the Alumni Office by August 31, 2010, for publication in the next issue of Spectrum.


2010 Notes


Joe Smith ’37 B.D. writes, “I spent my 97th birthday—July 7—on Hand Lake in upper Minnesota with my son Fred Smith ’67 B.D. who now lives in the summer cabin I bought in 1964 with a group of colleagues from the national office of the Christian Church

(Disciples) in Indianapolis. I now live in an apartment in a large building with 80 residents in the retirement complex Warm Hearth Village in Blacksburg, VA.

I spent my Dwight Fellowship from Yale at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) where I received my M.A. in rural sociology in 1938. I was minister of the First Christian Church in Covington, VA before going to China as a missionary with my wife Winnifred (YDS 1933-1934) whom I married in 1940. Winnifred died in September, 2007, one month before her 96th birthday.

We had three children. The oldest, Frederick Watson Smith, is retired from the University of Minnesota and lives in Minneapolis, MN, with his wife Mary Martin; Fred has two daughters and a new grandson (my only great-grandchild, who lives in New York City). Douglas Warren Smith lives Pomona, CA, with his wife Kate Moyer (both are ministers). Doug has two daughters and works as a planned giving expert with Church World Service. The youngest, Barbara Ellen Smith, of Blacksburg, is director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Virginia Tech. She has two college-age sons and visits me each day by telephone or in person.”